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Besteasy is a leader in the hospitality industry when it comes to supplying plastic and acrylic products. We supply plastic and acrylic products in bulk to hotels, depending on what you need. At Besteasy, we put the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our products at the top of our list when we do business.

We care most about making sure you get high-quality plastic and acrylic products from us so that your hotel has everything it needs to give your guests a pleasant and memorable stay and give your staff a comfortable place to work. Our plastic and acrylic supplies include a trash can, a shared basin, a service cart, a children’s chair, acrylic cups, acrylic kitchen utensils, and more.

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"Since 2012, I've been working for Besteasy. When I order a large batch of plastics and acrylics, they go above and beyond to make sure I get what I need. Five times, I've asked them to deliver my orders to different places, and each time, the procurement and delivery staff have been on time, friendly, and helpful."
- Deborah Martins

The Plastic & Acrylic Series

Heat Insulation box

The heat insulation box is available in plastic with wheels and is completely insulated to keep food warm for a long time. Your hotel needs this for keeping and delivering food.

Cup basket

The cup basket makes coffee and tea service areas easy to organize in hotel lobbies, service areas, and restaurants. This plastic series is the perfect space-saving organizer solution.

Storage bucket

Storage bucket units help hotels with seasonal demand because they give hotels the flexibility they need without the cost and hassle of a separate storage area.

Trash can

Trash cans are an absolute necessity in your hotel. It is worth noting that, thanks to modern designs, they can serve not only as a waste container but also as a stylish accessory.

Fresh keeping box

The box can be used to store a variety of vegetables, such as onions, garlic, carrots, cucumbers, etc. The elegant design is perfect for your restaurants and hotels.

Chopping block

There are so many options for hotel kitchen chopping blocks, including wood. However, the plastic variation is more cost-effective than its wooden counterparts.

Ice wagon

With an ice wagon in your facility, guests can easily grab some ice and chill that drink, or throw some ice in your glass and enjoy a relaxing drink.

Storage rack

With a storage rack, items are easily accessible, allowing employees to spend less time searching for and fulfilling requests and more time focusing on and interacting with guests.

Service cart

Easily transport food, drinks, snacks, and amenities from one location to the next with these room service carts. There are dozens of colors and styles for restaurants or bars.

Children's chair

Plastic children's chairs are a necessity for hotels and restaurants to serve families with kids and children.

A Brief Introduction to the Plastic & Acrylic Series

Plastics used in the hotel and restaurant business have very specific qualities. In addition to being strong, they must also look good to customers. These items are made in one single piece to guarantee their durability.

Acrylic plastic, on the other hand, can be used for a wide range of things. It’s more reliable and cheaper than glass and other plastics, and it’s also stronger than both. In particular, a clear acrylic sheet is a great choice for many hotel applications.

If you get the right plastic and acrylic products from Besteasy, you’ll have access to a wide range of high-quality items. Our one-stop-shop supplies make it easy to place an order, get what you need quickly, and pay a fair price.

The Gallery of Plastic & Acrylic Series

Besteasy has a wide range of supplies made of plastic and acrylic. Our products come in different sizes, so they can be used in many places, like rooms, kitchens, restaurants, and more. Contact our customer service to get a free quote today.


About Us

Besteasy is committed to meeting the standards that businesses in the hospitality industry have to meet, which change all the time. By making sure that our in-house customer service is top-notch, we can build strong relationships with our clients and give them access to the best help possible. We are a big company that buys and sells plastic and acrylic products that your hotel can use in many places.

As your wholesale partner for all plastic and acrylic products, we make sure our products meet high standards. Besteasy is all about quality and modern products. Taking into account the latest trends in the industry, we carefully put together our collection of plastic and acrylic supplies to give your hotel staff everything they need to make sure business runs smoothly.

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Contact our customer service team to find out more about the services we offer and to have your plastic and acrylic products customized to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I.) Heat insulation box

ii.) Heat Insulation barrel.

iii.) Cup basket.

iv.) Share basin

v.) Storage bucket.

VI.) Trash can.

Vii) Fresh keeping box.

Viii.) Chopping block

ix.) ice wagon

x.) Disk cart.

xi.) Storage rack.

Xii.) Service cart

xiii.) Children chair.

Xiv.) Acrylic kitchen utensils

– Acrylic cup series.

– Bar utensils

– Coffee bar utensils.

Perspex sheets melt when exposed to high temperatures or flames directly. Acrylic plastic cannot resist high temperatures since its melting point is 160 degrees Celsius. Acrylic isn’t extremely robust, easily scratched and breaks down in a brittle manner, which means it does so without much bending.

Yes, we are experts in custom work. We will collaborate with you while taking into account your needs, practical requirements, and the decor of your hotel, restaurants command space, or any other specific area.

Simple wipe-cleaning is all that is required to maintain the new appearance of acrylic. Never use chemicals, and be careful to keep surfaces scratch-free. For more advice, please visit our Product Care page.

Acrylic storage box for hotel supplies in guest rooms. Better living conditions and a better perception of your hotel are brought about by beautiful, distinctive appearance.

i) This guest room supply is a storage box that can hold bottles, cosmetics, and toiletries;

ii) The box has holes to ensure that the bottles won’t fall or shake

iii) There is a drawer to hold the hotel supplies.

iv) All of these features can also be customised to meet your needs in terms of size, structure, and appearance colour.

Preparing and baking your goodies is simple with our large assortment of baking equipment. For self-serve stations in hotels, restaurants, and buffets, our baking tools like utility scoops and bagel slicers are ideal. Custom plastic and acrylic goods are also available from us. Improve the reputation and brand awareness of your hotel with this black or custom colour acrylic material. The structure and look can be customized to meet your needs. The greatest and most knowledgeable advise will be given to you by our designer while also taking into account the practical applicability.

In particular during the summer, hotels and restaurants employ the ice cart to transport ice for sale or delivery to their guests.

The waggon is not a small caravan, despite appearances to the contrary; it has trouble moving over sand and incline surfaces. The last thing we want is for her to become stuck, so please make sure you measure any gates and driveways she needs to use. It would be advantageous to know in advance whether we will be travelling on metal roads, etc.

Food, drugs, organs, blood, biologic materials, vaccines, and chemicals are examples of temperature-sensitive goods that are shipped in heat-insulated boxes. To keep products fresh and effective, they are employed as a part of a cold chain.

Are you looking for a heat insulation barrel at a good price? Find one that suits you by browsing a variety of the top heat insulation barrels on besteasy! We use high-quality heat insulating barrels. Insulation barrel can keep everything cool and fresh while guarding against overheating.

I.) Plastic shopping, supermarket, and trash bags.

ii.) Packaging supplies like cups and containers.

iii.) All clothing, including footwear.

iv.) Paper food packaging, such as bread bags, takeaway containers, potato chip bags, and candy wrappers.

v.) logs, soil, sticks, stumps, and logs.

 In order to keep knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, and other acrylic utensils that come into daily contact with food dry, sterile, clean, and free of mildew and other contaminants. It has a disinfection function that uses high temperatures to dry any remaining water droplets and all-around ultraviolet sterilisation. You can live a wise life by using any type of kitchen cupboard rack in the kitchen. This product is perfect for organising and setting up your kitchen.


a.) UV sterilization

b.) Time disinfection

c.) 304 stainless steel

d.) Easy storage

e.) Ventilate and drain

f.) Clean and hygenic

When purchasing a kitchen rack, many individuals are unsure about which one to pick. In actuality, the kitchen rack ought to be chosen in accordance with the actual circumstances in your hotel/restaurant. First, you can decide whether to go vertical or hang it, depending on your particular preferences. Second, determine how many dishes and spice bottles are typically used during regular hours before deciding what size rack is required to store these products. In general, kitchen shelves are between 600 and 500 millimetres high, so it is important to take into account the height of any staff members who will be using the kitchen in the establishment in order to make products easier to reach.

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