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We are a leading supplier of high-quality, eco-friendly hotel linen that is gentle on the skin and pleasing to the eyes. Our hotel linen supplies are carefully selected to ensure that your guests have an unforgettable experience.

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We offer full-service of Hotel Linen products, customized for you

We supply your hotel linen products that are tailored to the needs of your guests. Our linens are sourced from premium manufacturers across the world to ensure a soft and comfy feel on the skin and eyes.

The Hotel Linen Products

Browse our portfolio to see some of our premium linen products, which include towels, bed covers, curtains, and more.

Bathroom Linen

An exceptional guest experience demands an exceptional bathroom. Get towels made from quality, eco-friendly materials that provide a balance between comfort and performance.

Bed Linen

Transform your hotel bed into a sanctuary with premium bed covers, duvets. Discover high quality, luxurious hotel bedding at the best price from experienced manufacturers across the world.

Catering Line

Good quality table linen goes a long way in the service industry and is an absolute must in hotel cafes and restaurants. Browse quality napkins, tablecloths, and more.

Get high-quality, luxury hotel uniforms for the entire staff, from the striking doorman all the way through to the housekeeping and waiters. They are designed to be comfortable and meet the demands of working in the hospitality industry.

We provide unique hotel curtain and shade solutions that help block out sound, provide the best room darkening experience, and are environmentally responsible, providing your guests with comfort and peace of mind throughout their stay.


The Hotel Linen Projects

Besteasy provides great linens for baths, beds, banquet facilities, conference rooms, restaurants, and kitchens to ensure that your hotel’s guests have a positive brand experience.

Discover our hotel linens and OS & E solutions for a variety of hotel resorts and restaurant kitchens. Find linens ranging from towels to draperies to dining cloths and more.

Below are some brands that we worked with; click on any of them for more information.

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About Us

Besteasy is committed to meeting the ever-changing demands placed on hospitality operations. We create close ties with our clients and provide them with top-notch service through our outstanding in-house customer care service. Our company is a global firm with unrivaled access to people and resources.

We have the individuals and solutions to assist your company in meeting its objectives, whether those objectives are to lower the cost of an existing design, enhance a product, acquire and deliver your whole OS & E on time and on budget, or improve the product itself. You can rely on us to assist your company in meeting its objectives.

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How It Works


Besteasy provides complete OS & E projects, including design advice, amenity planning, and project scheduling. After we get your linen requirements (including quality, quantity, and texture), our team of knowledgeable advisers will provide advice on the best product options.


We provide the best available hotel linens and supplies for customer selection based on the requirements and other special needs of the client. We work with a lot of well-known fabric manufacturers all over the world and have helped customers find hotel linens that fit their budgets.

03 Delivery & Quality Control

Prior to delivery, our Quality Control staff will inspect and confirm with the customer. The items will then be delivered safely by our warehouse and shipping employees. Our mission is to provide our clients with dependable solutions and safe, on-time delivery services that match or exceed their expectations.

Customize Your Guest Room Now

Get in touch with our experienced customer service reps to find out more about our services and customize your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Hotel sheets are most frequently composed of cotton or cotton mixes, while Tencel, linen, and polyester have also been effectively utilised in hotels. Good-quality cotton sheets have the benefits of being soft, breathable, and quite durable, which makes them perfect for usage in hotels.

After each visitor stays at your motel, change the sheets. For instance, allowing guests to share bedding would make your rooms a breeding ground for bacteria, which over time could harm your reputation. You don’t need to regularly replace the bedding if visitors are staying for more than one night, but you should still maintain the space tidy.

Yes, we do provide a custom service for all of our items with the fabric, style, size, colour, and package that you specify. You can email us/get a quote, and we’ll figure out the cost, production schedule, and delivery date for you.

Give us the details about the requirement. Name of the item, size, type of fabric, and quantity. Within an hour, we will provide our offer.

The size: Before making a purchase, confirm that the linens are the appropriate size. It will be much more difficult to return the sheets to the store once you’ve taken them out of the package, so be careful when you shop. To be absolutely certain of the size of sheets you’ll require, measure your mattress.

Quantity: For several reasons, it’s crucial to get additional sets of linens for your bed. Simply put, the first is practical. You’ll need something to set in position so that you can launder your bed’s sheets. Additionally, you can increase the lifespan of every set of sheets if you alternate between a few different sheet sets.

Color and styling: The entire theme of your bedroom greatly depends on the colour and style of your sheets and bedding. To encourage relaxation and regeneration, you should establish a relaxing environment. Because it may grow rather expensive to frequently change your bedding, make sure you pick a style that you really like.

Material: You should also pay close attention to the sorts of fabric used in your bed sheets. Do you want sheets made of fleece or flannel? This kind of sheet can be cosy on chilly winter days, but to stay cool in the summer you’ll probably prefer a cotton sheet. Although a cotton blend that won’t wrinkle as easily is a popular alternative to pure cotton, cotton is still a common material for sheets. You can also choose silk or satin if you’re looking for something more opulent.

Keep a stock of extra pillows and blankets because it’s your responsibility to ensure that your guests are comfortable. In order to provide your guests with the best possible experience, even something as basic as an extra cushion can make all the difference.

It can be challenging to know that your bed will be entirely clean when it’s time to go to sleep if you’ve used it for various activities during the day, including eating breakfast in bed or munching while reading a book (that is, if you can sleep).

The certainty that the bed you are sleeping in is absolutely free of pests like bedbugs, moths, and spiders that might creep in during the day is another benefit.

Sleeping on fresh bedding can also leave you feeling pleasant and crisp, which should encourage comfortable sleep for your hotel guests.

a.) Recognize your washing machine.


b.) Avoid overfilling your washing machine.


c.) Opt for mild detergent. (From our cleaning product category, you can choose a reliable cleaning product)


d.) Be mindful when drying linens.


e.) Before using, new hotel linen products should be washed in cool or lukewarm (30°C/86°F) water with a light detergent.


f.) Exclusion: Pillows, quilts, and comforters need to be washed once, not before use.


g.) Pillowcases and duvet covers must always be laundered inside out. To prevent creases and wash stripes, don’t overfill the washing machine.


h.) Avoid wash stripes and too many creases by not overloading the washing machine.


I.) Drying linen in a tumble dryer causes more creases than letting it air dry on a line.


j.) When using a tumble dryer, avoid overloading and overdrying to reduce creases.


k.) After the final cycle of the washing machine or dryer, the linen should not be left inside the appliance for an extended period of time.


l.) Colors may fade if items are dried in direct sunlight for a long time.

The optimal time to iron a fabric is while it is still somewhat moist.

The same sumptuous Signature Plus tablecloths and placemats are available from Besteasy in a variety of colours. Our customers may now choose a colour scheme that exactly complements their decor thanks to this versatility.

Yes! All tablecloths should be carefully washed before their first use. While the first wash boosts the tablecloth’s resistance to future stains, the manufacturing process of the tablecloths may leave dye residue that needs to be cleaned. The soft-touch finish and stain-release capabilities of our Signature Plus tablecloth line are activated after the first wash, making the textured polyester feel like cotton and ensuring that it hangs properly on the table.

When it comes to providing the best hotel linens, we at besteasy are experts at what we do. Additionally, we mean in terms of choice as well as quality. From elegant banquet spreads to more casual linens for a more intimate dining space, we have a wide selection of hotel linens to meet your needs. In either case, besteasy’s high-quality items will no doubt satisfy you.

The besteasy website features our extensive selection of brilliant tablecloths, with enough accessible to meet any owner’s specific needs. A local bed & breakfast or one near the sea, though, might favour a cosier appearance. Additionally, we provide a variety of colour options for our tablecloths, allowing you to match the design of your home to your brand-new tablecloth.

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