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We are a top supplier of a wide range of hotel public supplies. They include things like luggage carts, indicators, trash cans, balusters, newspaper racks, rostrums, service carts, drink trucks, and signs. With all of this available at your facility, you can confidently welcome your hotel guests and ensure that they have a good time since your hotel offers high-quality products and services. Items for our public areas of the hotel come from well-known companies that use high-quality, eco-friendly materials.

Each product is acclaimed for its superior craftsmanship, exquisite attention to detail, and fashionable style. We provide items that will make you appear professional to your guests while also minimizing the workload on your employees. Deal with Besteasy to optimize your savings while pleasantly delighting your hotel guests with great service.

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From your imagination to reality

We offer full-service of guest room products, customized for you

Get access to products that are tailored to your hotel’s specific needs. We take the time to listen to you and understand the size and quality that are necessary to make your guest rooms stand out.

The Guest Room Products

Browse our product portfolio to see what we have to offer, from electrical to non-electrical to high-tech guest room equipment.

Electric Appliance

Check out our selection of electric appliances and equipment, which includes anything from clothes irons to electric kettles to lights and wall plugs.

Room Supplies- Besteasy

Room Supplies

Equip your hotel rooms with the best furniture and appliances to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for your guests.

Other Products- Besteasy

Other Products

Purchase a variety of other products to give your guest rooms a contemporary appeal. We supply everything from tech gadgets to kitchen appliances.

Hotel Amenities- Besteasy

Hotel Amenities

Have access to functional hotel amenities ranging from basic supplies to sophisticated equipment. We provide toiletries, linens, razors, air conditioners, etc.

Public products- Besteasy

Public Products

Check out supplies for public places to help you create a relaxed atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. See our bar, restaurant, and outdoor terrace products.

Cleaning products- Besteasy

Cleaning Products

Explore our extensive hotel cleaning supplies and eco-friendly products, which include vacuum cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers, rubber gloves, wipes, and more.

Electric Appliance

Hair Drier


Mini Bar

Safe box

Healthy scale


Coffee machine




Room Supplies

Leather Set

Acrylic Set

Resin Set


Wooden Set

Other Product

Towel basket

Beauty mirror

Do not Disturb Sign

Mouthwash cup

Public products


Extra bed

Hanger rack


Luggage cart

Luggage rack

Newspaper rack


Beverage Carts

Sign stand

Trash can

Unbrella Stand

Hotel Amenities

Hotel Toiletries set


Ball Pen


Cup mat

Cup Cover

Laundry bag

Hair dryer bag

Shoe horn


Shopping bags

Clean products

Cleaning agent

Cleaning Equipment

Labour Protection

PA Department Supplies

Storage Series

The Guest Room Projects

Besteasy can help you find the gaps in your brand’s experience, find hidden opportunities, and come up with and improve the best solution for the guest experience in your situation.

Explore our selection of guest amenities and OS & E solutions for various types of hotel resorts and restaurant kitchens. Find a wide range of products ranging from basic to high-end guest room equipment.

Below are some brands for your reference; click on any of them for more information.

Xiangyang Xiangzhou-Besteasy
Aurea- Besteasy
MAYFAIR- Besteasy
Pullman- Besteasy

About Us

Besteasy is dedicated to satisfying the ever-changing needs put on businesses in the hospitality sector. We form tight relationships with our clients and offer them first-rate help through an amazing in-house customer care service. Our organization is a worldwide corporation with unparalleled access to people and resources.

We have the personnel and solutions to help your business achieve its goals, whether those goals are to reduce the cost of an existing design, improve a product, purchase and deliver your full OS & E on time and under budget, or improve the product itself. You can count on us to help your organization achieve its goals.

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Seamless process

How It Works


Besteasy offers turn-key OS & E projects that include design consultation, amenity planning, and project scheduling. Our team of skilled advisors will give guidance on product configuration alternatives after we get your hotel property style design drawings.


We provide the most appropriate kitchen equipment and guest supplies for customer selection based on the drawings and other special needs of the client. Over 16 years of industry experience has helped us to develop partnerships with the best suppliers in the world. We've worked closely with a lot of well-known companies all over the world and helped customers find things that fit their budgets.

03 Delivery & Quality Control

Our Quality Control department will conduct a pre-delivery inspection and confirmation with the customer. Then our warehousing and shipping staff will ensure that the products arrive safely. Our goal is to give our customers reliable solutions and safe, on-time delivery services that meet or go above and beyond what they expect.


We provide overall condition analysis guidance and maintenance for completed projects such as electronic products. We also guarantee an after-sales service that is prompt, competent, and reliable and always meets the needs of our clients with products and services of outstanding quality.

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successful projects


Browse our gallery of successful guest room projects to get ideas for your next project. We accomplished a wide range of designs, from modern to medieval amenities and furnishings.

Customize Your Guest Room Now

Get in touch with our well-trained customer service reps to find out more about our services and customize your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Someone who spends over 100 nights a year in hotels, this FAQ will outline opinions on what features, in addition to the necessities like free WiFi, nice customised A/C and heating, and, you know, running water, every guest room ought to have.

a.) Electric appliance

b.) Room supplies

c.) Hotel amenities

d.) Public products

e.) Cleaning products

*You can view a variety of products under each of the categories mentioned above by visiting our product page, which is located in the top menu.

We supply the following guest room amenities:

a.) Tissue box

b.) Guide folder.

c.) Note holder

d.) Tray

e.) Tea box

f.) Conference clip

g.) Writing pad

h.) Remote control clip

I.)Ice bucket

j.) Ameniti box

k.)Alarm clock

l.) Trash can

m.) Shoe box

n.) DND card

Air the mattress out and smooth it. Use a carpet brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. All the trash cans and ash trays should be emptied. Cleaning the bathroom and replenishing all of the necessary supplies is also included in cleaning the guest room. To find the ideal cleaning product to use when cleaning the guest room, visit our cleaning product page.

The difference between guest supplies and amenities is that guest supplies are restricted to items like food, toiletries, and fruits, whereas visitor amenities include services like linen(laundry), ironing, and any specific kitchen wares and equipment for cooking, etc.

They are also known as essentials for guest as well. These supplies must be used by the guest or removed before they leave. The guest bathroom supply list varies depending on the kind of room and includes:

a.) Bath towel

b.) Face towel

c.) Hand towel

d.) Ground towel

e.) Beach towel

f.) Terry Bathrobe

g.) Coral flecc bathroom

h.) Waffle bathrobe

I.) Velour bathrobe

Your guest room should contain appliances like telephone, safe box, coffee machine, electric iron, player, flashlight and network connector

Telephone: When staying in a hotel, the only aspect of the telecommunications infrastructure that we can see and touch is the hotel phone, so choosing the best phone for the location can significantly improve the guest’s experience. Most hotel rooms only have one phone, which is usually found on the desk or in the “nightstand” adjacent to the bed.

Coffee machine: Making coffee is frequently the first thing guest do after arriving in their hotel, it’s an essential part of their breakfast experience, and increasingly it’s an indulgent treat from the bar. In fact, 3 out of 5 guests believe that enjoying a nice cup of coffee at their hotel changes how they feel about it. A good coffee experience equals a good guest experience. Giving your guest the high-quality coffee they deserve is now possible thanks to the variety our coffee machine product offers, whether they are enjoying it in their rooms, during breakfast, or at the bar.

Electric iron: Your hotel should have top-notch hotel irons available in the rooms. To eliminate wrinkles from your guests’ clothing, use the besteasy electric iron product.

Flashlight: We are a reputable company that supplies a huge selection of flashlights. Our suppliers reassure us that the given product is made in accordance with the highest quality standards around the world. There are installed emergency flashlights in the guest room for use in case of emergency, inclement weather, or power outages. To use a light source for the nocturnal voyage It is a crucial piece of furniture for a space and is kept in guest rooms for emergencies.

Network connector: Hotels keep updating their technology to improve operational reporting, or to increase employee efficiency. Network connector specifications evolve over time to improve their guest experience and system performance. For guests to receive top-notch service from your hotel, the quality of the network connector is also essential.

a.) Hanger

b.) Shoe basket

c.) Towel basket

d.) Umbrella

e.) Mirror

f.) Ironing board

g.) Washing line

h.) Mouthwash cup


j.)Laundry bag

k.) Hair dryer bag

l.) Tissue rack

m.)Soap dispenser

The special services you offer and the way you interact with your guests all contribute to the distinctive identity of your hotel. You may now capitalise on your most valuable asset—your name—by developing your own brand of customised guest amenities. The whole range of guest room supplies that Besteasy offers can be customised with your brand, message, and colours.

Once you’ve decided what you want, a member of our team with expertise in product consulting will work with you to decide on reasonable order quantities, graphic imprint options, and provide an art board with your design and colour scheme.

a.) Typically, guests are supposed to store their shoes in the area beneath the luggage rack.

b.) Depending on the occupancy, in-room slippers with the hotel’s emblem may be provided. (For single occupancy, one pair is retained; for double occupancy, two pairs.).

c.) Shoe mitt.

d.) Shoeshine kit.

a.) Vacuum

b.) Broom

c.) Scrub brush

d.) Toilet brush

e.) Rinse cup

f.) Caddie

g.) Extendable duster

The trolley is used to transport cleaning supplies like sprays, scrubs, water, and bedsheets. It is mostly utilised throughout the cleaning and bed linen replacement process. All of the supplies are stored on the cart to facilitate cleaning and sanitising the entire space.

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