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Bed linen is essential for any hotel environment. Besteasy provides the best quality of the linen at the best price. Our bed linen solutions address the needs of varying market sectors. We are a trusted source for hotels and restaurant wanting to improve the experience for their customers by offering choice and quality that matter.

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This duvet cover is manufactured of thick cotton and has a polyester filling that helps to keep you comfortable on those chilly nights. The polyester filling gives the cover an elegant look that is meant to be part of your bedroom décor.


All you need is a king size flat sheet, polyester duvet cover and fitted sheet to complete your bedding set. We have a large selection of styles and models of hotel bedding, available in dozens of materials including feather and down, cotton sateen, flannel and microfiber.


Give your guests the comfort of a hotel when they stay on your bed. Bring the comfort and functionality of our fitted sheets, whether they are striped, checked, or solid colors. We work with hotels to supply the best fitted sheets.


For hotels and resorts, there is no better way to welcome your guests than with a custom-made pillow. Our luxurious down pillows are designed using only premium quality materials made to last a lifetime of use.


You deserve a good night's sleep. Allow us to give you the comforts of home. Our mattress protector is designed to protect your bed from dust, dirt and bacteria. Its hypoallergenic design will give you a safe, clean sleep with less allergen exposure. This mattress protector comes with a zipper cover that is machine washable.


Our mattress pads are great for hotels, as they protect your bedding and keep it clean. They're also great to use if you want to change your sheets without having to take the mattresses off. They are easy to maintain as they are machine washable.

Bed Linen Product

Stay warm and cozy with our wide selection of pillows, linens, and comforters. We have the appropriate selection to fit your room decor and lifestyle, whether you require bedding for a hotel lobby or your home. We provide a wide range of Bed Linen goods, including comforters, sheets, pillows, and blankets. Today, dress your bed in elegance.

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Hotel Linen

Our hotel linen is made from 100% pure cotton, use it to create comfort and privacy to all your guests. To make everyone entering the establishment feel at home and find their atmosphere. Reserve what is good for them.


About Us

Besteasy, which was founded in 2006, has a proven track record of satisfying the needs of hotels and restaurants. Because of our extensive expertise, market understanding, and product diversity, we can offer a dozen napkins to a restaurant or premium linens to multinational five-star chains.

In the face of strong market rivalry, the company has consistently improved and expanded since its inception. It has incorporated modern machinery and equipment from Germany, Japan, and other countries, in addition to ensuring the use of high-quality raw and auxiliary materials. More significantly, the business has one. A group of high-quality management personnel and hotel supplies production staff have established a strict quality control system, and they strive to provide customers with the most satisfying high-quality hotel products. 

With over 16 years of experience providing high-quality linens to hotels and restaurants, meeting the needs of establishments with very specific tastes and requirements, we have learned that attention to detail, whether it’s timely delivery, ease of ordering, or specific design features, is extremely important.

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Customize Your Hotel Products Now

Our hotel products are customizable and available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. Choose from basic color schemes or create something totally unique to complement your hotel brand. Customize your linens with a monogram design or add some flair with special finishing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I.) Cotton: It is the material that linen area unit most often fabricated from. Blood stains area goodbye since it’s breathable, forgiving, and cool. With time and washings, cotton sheets additionally get softer whereas still being sturdy. However, confine mind that bound styles of cotton work higher than others whereas choosing these sorts of sheets.

ii.) Bamboo:  Bamboo could be a quick-growing, eco-friendly fibre that’s oftentimes utilized to form numerous home things additionally to hotel bed linens. Bamboo cloth is plain-woven from the fibres extracted from bamboo throughout the method of producing bamboo sheets.

Iii.) Polyester: Most sheets fabricated from pure polyester are harsh, whereas those fabricated from polyester mixes area unit are typically softer and lighter. These sheets area unit wrinkle proof, straightforward to wash, and generally comparatively economical. Polyester are your succour if you are seeking for bedding that you simply will wash and dry while not steaming or ironing.

However, despite its advantages, like the intrinsical water resistance, polyester collects oil and grease, creating stain removal a pain, particularly with white linen.

iv.) Linen: These ethereal linen can offer your home all the country feels in no time. Hot sleepers and people with allergies greatly have the benefit of them as linen could be a naturally cooling, hypoallergenic material. While these linen could seem ideal, their stiffness is typically a downfall. This will calm down with time and washes, however they ne’er quite reach cotton’s dreamy softness.

v.) Silk: Natural fibre created by silkworms, silk is more expensive since it needs such precise handling throughout manufacture. Silk sheets area unit inherently hypoallergenic, except for the value, however care and maintenance will sleep long. Despite these drawbacks, silk bedding area unit cool, luxurious, and ideal for enhancing the romanticism of an area.

We handle OEM orders, so customizations in terms of size, material, design, packing, quantity, etc. On request, Besteasy will offer and customize numerous linen styles for your desires. All you need to do is get in touch with us, give us specific instructions on however you would like your bed linen tailored, so unwind whereas we tend to work thereon.

Yes! antibacterial protection has been applied to our quite Clean line of product. This novel formulation prevents germs from multiplying and spreading, providing defence against dangerous infections.

Some bed linens have coloured tags on them to assist you identify what size it’s. For example, if you are a busy hotel cleaner and you have got a pile of duvet covers in numerous sizes, you’ll quickly confirm the scale all is by checking the colour of the tab on every duvet cover.


The following sizes correspond to the colours:

* Blue = single-size.

* Red = double-sized.

* Gold = Size king.

* Green = super king size.

* Orange = single sheet alternative size

Due to its naturally absorbent qualities, 100% cotton bed linens offer more comfort since they will absorb moisture from the body as you sleep.

Before usage, we advise washing all linens. Typically, linens are used right after being manufactured, but we wash them beforehand for hygienic reasons.

BEDDING LINEN Should be made from a non-crease fabric and have a good finish, typically with a slight lustre, in order to maintain its appearance. The texture should be soft, smooth, absorbent, and static-free for comfort. They ought to be simple to clean, and the cloth shouldn’t fade with time.

Our sheets and linen covers typically have a coloured tab or stitching to help with size identification. To save time and monitor stock levels much more effectively, store linen with the identifying labels clearly visible.

The different kinds of bed linens that are used in hotel rooms, includes deds, pillows, pillow protectors, flat sheet, duvet covers, fitted sheet, deep fitted sheets, bed runner, mattress protector, bed skirt and soft furnishings like cushions.

The greatest bed linen is produced from the best natural fibres and is woven to the highest standards. For bed linens, Egyptian cotton is acknowledged as the best cotton. Egyptian cotton bedding is durable, breathable, and light, and it gets softer with each wash and usage.

Different washing techniques and temperatures are needed for various fabrics. We will provide product-specific instructions for you for each product if you need them. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if the instructions are missing or if you need more assistance. We’ll work with you to maintain your purchases in top shape.

According to our findings, protective gear should unquestionably be employed. Besteasy makes its own premium protector that won’t pill, is silky smooth, breathable, won’t shrink, washes well, and can be tumble dried.

To attain a quality of which we are very pleased, we spent many years trialling and evaluating our goods in this field. Additionally, we generously stuff our pillows—no shortcuts or gimmicks! As such we supply quality pillows for your application.

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