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As suppliers of wholesale bathroom linen, we place a premium on providing the highest possible level of customer service and only deliver products of the finest quality. The plushness, uniqueness, and quality of the bathroom linens we select for you will catapult your company to the next level owing to the fact that we care about your success. Get in touch with Besteasy, a premier wholesale bathroom linen provider that can provide your hotel with customized linens to fulfill your hotel’s requirements for bathroom linens.

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Bath towel- Besteasy

Bath towel

Towels can be judged by their feel and texture, which can reveal a lot about the overall quality of the product. We supply wholesale bath towels made from quality cotton. Because of how soft and flexible the material is, our products can be used with babies and young children.

Face Towel-Besteasy

Face towel

The high-quality face towels that we provide are exceptionally plush, soothing on the skin, and effective at wicking away moisture. The various applications for which our face towels are suitable include use in the bathroom, kitchen, hotel, gym, office, and even outdoors.

Hand Towel-Besteasy

Hand towel

Combining pure softness with excellent durability, our range of colored and white hand towels is the perfect addition to any hotel bathroom. They are available to buy in any quantity you wish, and with discounts available for buying in bulk, it’s simple to add luxury hand towels to your guest bathrooms at the best wholesale prices.

Ground Towel-Besteasy

Ground towel

The ground towels we supply are a bit thicker and heavier. They are also easier to wash with the rest of the hotel linen, and they can be laundered at a very high temperature to ensure they are truly clean for the next guests.

Terry Bathrobe-Besteasy

Terry bathrobe

We offer full-terry high-quality, 100% long-staple cotton bathrobes with an elegant thick shawl collar design that rivals the quality of 5-star hotels and spas.

Coral Fleece Bathrobe-Besteasy

Coral fleece bathrobe

Our ever-so-elegant, luxuriously fluffy micro-terry material is the answer to all your guests' cuddling needs. We supply these bathrobes made from 100% polyester. They are softer than cotton and allow for a snug and breathable experience.

Waffle Bathrobe- Besteasy

Waffle bathrobe

Our waffle robes are lovely and lightweight, suitable for the spa or hotel bedroom. The Waffle bathrobe is available in one generous size, as found in hotels and spas. It includes a shawl collar, in addition to an attached belt and pockets.

Velour bathrobe- Besteasy

Velour bathrobe

This soft bathrobe is made from premium quality velour and 100% cotton toweling, giving it a wonderful velvety feel. We have supplied this robe for many years to some of the world's finest hotels, and now it is available to you at the same wholesale price.

Bathroom Linen Product

Hotel bathroom linens are essential for creating a brilliant guest experience. It is quite relaxing for guests to take a hot shower, soak in the bathtub, or go for a swim in the hotel pool. You can boost the reputation of your hotel as a place where guests have a wonderful time by providing them with our selection of high-quality towels, bath mats, and dressing robes. This will encourage customers to return to your establishment on several occasions.

To provide an experience worthy of a five-star rating for your clients, we deliver hotel linen of the highest possible quality that is in compliance with stringent criteria. The result is a set of bathroom supplies for hotels that are elegant, pleasant, good for the environment, and long-lasting, while still being affordable for you.

In addition, our broad range of bath linen features a hotel bath towel set that is made of 100% high-density cotton, a huge bath sheet, convenient face wipes, thick floor bath mats, and a great deal more. We are one of the top suppliers of hotel bath linen, and as such, we offer high-quality products that are sure to last even after being washed in a commercial setting.

Hotel Linen

We are a leading provider of high-quality, eco-friendly hotel linen that is gentle on the skin, comfortable to wear, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Our selection of hotel linen supplies is thoughtfully curated to guarantee that your clients enjoy an experience that will live long in their memories. We provide a wide selection of bed sheets, bed linen, bed coverings, and pillow covers for residential and commercial use. The selection includes a wide variety of bath textiles such as bath robes, bath towels, bath mats, kitchen towels, hand towels, and more.


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The ever-evolving requirements that customers set on hotel operations are something that Besteasy is fully dedicated to meeting. We build strong relationships with our customers and help them by making sure that our customer service department is one of the best in the business.

As providers of bath linen, we offer you the highest quality wholesale bath linen at the most competitive price. Our bathroom linen sets are selected from producers of high-quality long-staple cotton. For instance, some of our hotel bath sheet products have a high square gram weight, are larger and thicker, with even loops, and are soft and comfortable to touch.

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Get in touch with our customer service team if you would like more information on the quality of bathroom linen products that we supply or if you would like to customize your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Towels made entirely of cotton are the most popular kind used in hotels. But because of their extraordinary endurance, cotton and polyester blends are frequently utilised in hotels.

Bath linens, such as hand towels, face towels, ground towels, bath towels, beach towels, terry bathrobe, waffle bathrobe, velour bathrobe and coral fleecc bathrobe, serve as both necessity and home fashion accents. We provide advice on selecting bathroom linens, how to style your towels, and how to make sure your linens last.

Hotels offer a broad variety of towel sizes, including washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels. Hotel bath towels typically measure 20″-30″x 40″-60″, though they tend to be on the bigger side of this range.

There should be two towels per visitor in each bathroom. Therefore, furnish both bathrooms with a total of eight towels if your rental home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and typically sleeps four people.

You will improve your hotel’s reputation for a nice stay and entice repeat business by providing our collection of high-end bathroom linen for your visitors to enjoy. To give your guests a five-star experience, we have found luxury hotel bathroom linen that adheres to the highest standards. As a consequence, you now have access to a selection of hotel bathroom products that are elegant, cosy, and long-lasting for your visitors, as well as affordable for you.

You’ll want to make sure they feel right at home with the luxury of high-quality hotel towels whether they’re staying for just one night or for a weeklong vacation. It may not be as simple as it first appears to provide the proper amenities for your hotel’s bathrooms or spa. You have come to the right place if you are uncertain about any of these factors. In order to help you choose the best hotel towels for your particular business, this buying guide deconstructs crucial factors including material, weight, and price.


Hand towels: ideal for using as a hand dryer after washing

Sizes often used: 15″ to 18″ x 27″ to 32″


Bath towels: Perfect for hair and body drying after bathing

Sizes often used: 20″ to 30″ x 40″ to 60″


Ground towels: helps minimise slips and falls when guests are drying off and keeps the floor dry while they are bathing

Sizes typically used: 20″ to 22″ x 30″ to 36″


Face towel? Dry your face thoroughly, removing any excess water, soap, natural oils, and cosmetic and face product residue. Optimal in 30 cm x 30 cm (11.8 cm x 11.8 inches)


Beach towel: Keeps you away from the sand and serves as a soothing blanket.

Size: A typical beach towel is 60 inches by 30 inches in size, which is notably larger than, say, a typical bath towel.

In general, low to medium heat is advised. Use a towel-specific cycle or a regular/standard cycle. Make sure to remove the towels as soon as they are dry because excessive heat and drying time might harm the fabric.

i.) Cut off any pulled loops that stray from the towel with a pair of scissors. The towel won’t be harmed by this in any way.

ii.) Use specialised laundry detergent for coloured towels; stay away from brightening detergents as they will fade the colour of the towels.

iii.) Towels can be cleaned at 60 °C.

iv.) Bleach damage manifests as an off-white colour and a rough texture on towels and bathrobes. Bleaching agents should be avoided when washing towels.

v.) Bleach-containing bathroom detergents and several beauty items, such cleansers, might permanently discolour your towel.

vi.) Towel bars may shrink if they are washed in water that is too hot.

vii) Fabric conditioner will lessen the absorbency of the towel by coating the towel’s yarn and decreasing its effectiveness.

viii) Avoid drying clean towels.

We’d definitely advise washing brand-new bathroom towels before using them. First and foremost for hygienic reasons, and most towels get significantly more absorbent after the first wash.

Spa days are the most nourishing because they offer rest, refreshment, and relaxation. By providing a small, unbeatable touch of comfort, our waffle robe was designed to improve your relaxation moments. We want you to be able to access a little happiness each day by donning a robe that is inspired by a spa and calms the senses since you deserve the best treatment. We provide a variety of materials and textures for our waffle robes to optimise your comfort.

We’d definitely advise washing brand-new bathroom towels before using them. First and foremost for hygienic reasons, and most towels get significantly more absorbent after the first wash.

Yes! You can customise our products, including hand towels, face towels, ground towels, bath towels, beach towels, terry bathrobes, and waffle bathrobes, to include your logo or print design.

Our velour bathrobes have a sumptuous velour exterior made of the finest cotton, and a super-soft, extremely absorbent terry towelling interior that gives them a lovely velvety feel. These full-sleeved, loose-belted, shawl-collared velour bathrobes are perfect for unwinding in a hotel room or spa.

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