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We are a leading supplier of high-quality tableware products that set an amazing ambiance and give a luxurious feel to your dining area. Our hotel tableware supplies are carefully chosen to ensure that your guests wine and dine like royalty.

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From your imagination to reality

We offer full-service of tableware products, customized for you

We supply your hotel tableware products fully customized to showcase your brand and tailored to the quality of your guests. Our tableware is sourced from premium manufacturers across the world to ensure that your guests get the treatment they deserve.

The Tableware Products

Browse our portfolio to see some of our premium tableware products, which include gold and silver cutlery, chinaware, glasses, chargers, plates, wine glasses, mugs, and more.

Ceramic ware- Besteasy

Ceramic Ware

Explore our considerable range of glazed ceramic products from the world-famous brands. Find products designed in many styles: classic, unique, antique, rustic, natural, modern, etc.

Glassware- Besteasy


See quality hotel glassware that creates the desired ambiance in the kitchen and dining area. To showcase bold colors or create a breathtaking piece of art, you can start with hotel glassware that will keep the beholder captivated.

Knife and fork

Knife and Fork

We supply a wide variety of knives and forks of good quality at an affordable price. Browse our extensive range of high-quality cutlery for your hotel or catering business. Choose from a variety of designs, ranging from classic bead to modern slim line.

Other supplies- Besteasy

Other Supplies

Check out other stainless steel and ceramic cutlery collections that offer a style and shape to suit all levels of dining service, whether you wish to add a touch of class to your fine dining establishment or provide hard-wearing canteen cutlery for a more casual dining experience.

Buffy supplies- Besteasy

Buffy Supplies

Check out our buffy tableware selection for the very best in unique, custom-made supplies. Choose our preferred tableware based on your hotel preference.

The Tableware Projects

Besteasy offers the best food preparation equipment and accessories. Our supply chain network makes tasks simple and easy for any type of food service your hotel offers.

We have completed several tableware art and design projects, including the supply of everything from plates, cups, and mugs to vessels, vases, and cutlery. Our projects feature a range of material applications like ceramic, stainless steel, and disposables.

Below are some brands that we worked with, click on any of them for more information.

Xiangyang Xiangzhou-Besteasy
Aurea- Besteasy
MAYFAIR- Besteasy
Pullman- Besteasy

About Us

Besteasy is committed to meeting the ever-changing demands placed on hospitality operations. We create close ties with our clients and provide them with top-notch service through our outstanding in-house customer care service. Our company is a global firm with unrivaled access to people and resources.

We have the individuals and solutions to assist your company in meeting its objectives, whether those objectives are to lower the cost of an existing design, enhance a product, acquire and deliver your whole OS & E on time and on budget, or improve the product itself. You can rely on us to assist your company in meeting its objectives.

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How It Works


Besteasy provides complete OS & E projects, including design advice, amenity planning, and project scheduling. After we understand your tableware requirements (including quality, quantity, material and design), our team of knowledgeable experts will provide advice on the best product options.


We provide the best available hotel tableware and supplies for customer selection based on the requirements and other special needs of the establishment. We work with a lot of well-known tableware manufacturers all over the world and have helped customers find quality tableware that fits their budgets.

03 Delivery & Quality Control

Prior to delivery, our Quality Control staff will inspect and confirm with the customer. The items will then be delivered safely by our warehouse and shipping employees. Our mission is to provide our clients with dependable solutions and safe, on-time delivery services that match or exceed their expectations.


For finished projects such as electronic devices, we provide overall condition analysis assistance and maintenance. We also promise timely, professional, and dependable after-sales support, and we constantly satisfy our clients' expectations with high-quality goods and services.

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successful projects


Browse our gallery of successful tableware projects to get ideas for your next project. We supplied a wide range of hotel tableware to various establishments used for different purposes.

Customize Your Tableware Now

Get in touch with our experienced customer service reps to find out more about our services and customize your hotel tableware purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We supply the following tablewares for commercial use:

A.) Ceramic ware

b.) Glassware

c.) Knife and fork

d.) Other supplies

e.) Buffy supplies

f.) Buffy supplies

They can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher, but hand washing them with care will probably make them live longer. They will also live less time if they are subjected to harsh, prolonged cleaning, but this should be infrequent. Objects like steel wool should not be used!

Absolutely, we test these products to the fullest extent possible in accordance with the strictest safety requirements for the U.S. and European markets. Due to the fact that we are also parents, we would never release a product that did not meet these exacting requirements.

The best cleaning approach is ALWAYS hand washing your ceramic items! However, dishwashers have become a necessary appliance in many modern hotels, and most products are dishwasher-safe if the water temperature is reasonable and the right detergent is used.

The answer is that besteasy dinnerware can be microwaved. However, if subjected to abrupt temperature changes, any ceramic item is susceptible to harm. Therefore, avoid transferring the dinnerware from the refrigerator to the microwave all at once. It’s possible to harm both the microwave and the ceramic tableware by placing it empty in the microwave. Keep the item away from direct heat sources.

Extreme heat should not be used to utilise besteasy dinnerware. Please avoid putting BestEasy dinnerware in the oven or freezer.

Water hardness should be checked: To properly clean glassware in a glasswasher, water hardness must be checked. The more minerals in your water, the more likely it is that your glasses may get scratched. Hard water has a high mineral concentration that can do this. When there aren’t enough minerals in the water itself, soft water results. If the water is overly soft, a salty residue may remain, leaving a bad flavour. A water softening device or dishwashing salts can be used if there is hard water because it is generally preferable to have soft water when cleaning in a glasswasher.

Glassware should be pre-rinsed: Make careful to pre-rinse your glassware before putting it in a glasswasher to get rid of any food particles or other impurities so that cleaning is always effective.

Make sure your glasses are positioned properly in the rack: Place your glasses in a glass rack with the rims pointing down. Glass racks will assist in separating your glassware when cleaning, lowering the possibility of cracks, chips, or shattering. After cleaning is complete, draining is made easier by placing the glasses mouth-down.

Selecting the parameters and cycle you want: Choose your preferred cycle and place the rack inside the glass washer. To lessen the chance of over washing, which can result in breakage, cracks, or etching, choose the appropriate cycle. Check to see if the cycle has begun before closing the door.

Give steam time to clear: Open the door when the cycle is finished and leave it slightly ajar to let the hot steam out of the dishwasher and lower the danger of burn injuries.

Taking away your glassware: After the glasswasher has cooled, carefully remove the glass rack and let it drain completely before putting it away.

Glassjacks are used to store glassware safely and effectively. When large quantities of glassware need to be stored, the jacks can be used alone or stacked.

Each piece of glassware can be stored separately in a Glassjack’s various compartments without coming into contact with the others. We recommend the following when using glassjacks:

1.) Store stemmed glasses with the base down. This is because the rim of many wine and champagne glasses is frequently the most delicate component.

2.) Dry the glasses completely before putting them in the glassjack. By doing this, damage from leakage during storage is less likely.

3.) When using a glassjack, keep glasses from being stacked squarely on top of one another. The safest approach to conserve essential cupboard space is to buy many glassjacks.

a.) Dinnerware, including plates, cups, saucers, bowls, and other serving utensils.

b.) Flatware: soup, dessert, and teaspoons; butter, dinner, and steak knives; salad/dessert, and dinner forks.

c.)Glassware: sherbet glass, milk and wine glasses, and a water goblet.


For everyday usage, we advise purchasing stoneware, porcelain, or bone china because they are durable, inexpensive, and simple to maintain. One set of crockery that is both casual enough for morning cereal and sophisticated enough for a dinner party in a restaurant is what we advise beginning with.

a) Choose the general idea and theme for the occasion or party: One of the first things that sets the tone and serves as the focal point of the entire event is your table setting when hosting a gathering or party. The subject of your party and whether it will be in a formal or casual setting will be disclosed in your invites. Their expectations for the eating experience will therefore be appropriately levelled as a result of this. Selecting the proper tableware for your event is crucial because it allows you to establish the perfect focal point at a party or event, which is the table arrangement. Here are some tips for selecting the appropriate tableware for your event.

b.) Be Aware Of The Company And Group You Invite To Your hotel or restaurant: It would be simpler for you to choose the tableware for that particular function if you are aware of the visitors and throng you are expecting at your house. You would want to be sure to impress them with the party or event if, for example, they will decide your job for the foreseeable future. Dinner will undoubtedly be enhanced by the use of besteasy Tableware. You can use porcelain tableware for adults and choose melamine dinnerware for children if you are bringing a mixed group of guests—parents and their kids, family and friends—to a casual get-together.

c.) Select the tableware in accordance with the type of food you are serving: Dinnerware and menu should coordinate. Since formal dinners typically feature more courses, from the soup to the dessert, formal dinnerware with its customary five-piece configuration is preferred. Each set of casual tableware often only has 4 pieces to reflect the informal nature of the food being served.

The food you are serving must coordinate with the tableware. Tableware needs to consider both form and function. Five-piece formal tableware would be ideal for a formal meal with courses that range from entrée through desserts. For formal dinners with a salad, soup, entrée, and dessert on the menu, you’ll need a salad plate, soup bowl, dinner plate, and bread and butter dish.

We supply the following:

a.) Sauce bottle

b.) Pepper mill

c.) Storage box

d. Tissue box

e.) Toothpick jar

f.) Small signboard

g.) Fruit plate

h.) Bread basket

I.) Ice bucket

j.) Vase

k.) Candle stick.

l.) Tea pot.

m.) Coffee pot.

n.) Water kettle.

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