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Environmental-friendly solutions

From hand towels to luxury hotel linen, toiletries, and spa amenities, Besteasy is your source for eco-friendly and sustainable hotel supplies of all kinds. We are conscious of the responsibilities that we owe to both people and nature. In light of this realization, we direct the operations of our company in a way that is beneficial to the environment. Along the entirety of the chain of value, we achieve this by embracing approaches that are ecologically responsible. For us, sustainable practice is one in which long-term values serve as the guiding principle.

Sustainable development

By utilizing eco-friendly hotel and spa products, our primary goals are to lessen our reliance on single-use plastic, keep CO2 emissions at a level that is safe for the environment, and provide support to groups that are dedicated to the advancement of sustainable development. We provide eco-friendly and energy-efficient hotel supplies that can assist you in making the transition to a more sustainable business model. We provide environmentally friendly hotel solutions from the most reputable companies in the industry.

Despite the fact that each project is one of a kind, individualized strategies are developed for each client and put into action. This solution serves as a roadmap for achieving each and every goal, on time and within budget, set out by our procurement specialists and project managers. Because we have global procurement offices and a worldwide supply network, which eliminates the need for a middleman and reduces intermediate margins, our procurement services for OS & E are routinely among the most cost-effective in the industry.

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Designed by: Olivia Fisher
Project Budget: $25,000
Chosen style: Modern
location: Chicago, IL

Designed by: Evan Glover
Project Budget: $40,000
Chosen style: Contemporary
location: Detroit, MI

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Besteasy offers a comprehensive range of product solutions for use in the hospitality and catering industries. We are enthusiastic about providing you with all that is required for your hotel. Our areas of expertise are set up to meet your needs both locally and around the world, no matter where you are.

At Besteasy, we are dedicated to addressing the ever-evolving requirements of the hotel industry. As a multinational company with unbeatable access to both business and resources, we build strong relationships with our clients and give them first-rate help through an excellent customer service center that we run in-house.

We have the team and solutions that you can rely on to assist your organization in accomplishing its goals, whether those goals include lowering the cost of an existing design, improving a product, purchasing and delivering your complete OS & E on time and within budget, or improving the product itself.

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You Talk, We Listen

We listen carefully to understand your unique requirements. And make it a priority to supply top-quality hotel equipment that will stand the test of time.

We Are Able to Lower Your Expenses

Beyond supplying top-quality hotel equipment, we also deliver at the most competitive prices available on the market.

Our Experience is Unique and Individualized

We leverage our years of experience to provide customers with access to only the top brands in hotel amenity supplies.

Delivery – On Time and On Budget

Rest easy knowing that we will deliver your shipments on the delivery date (in most cases, ahead of schedule).

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Expanding your personal care brand into hotel amenities

These days, customers want experiences that are both unique and practical. They want to be pleasantly surprised by hotel amenities that they will really make use of while they are there.

What are the things needed in hotel?

Over the past two decades, there have been some very significant developments in the hotel sector. Due to these adjustments, many hotels are feeling pressured to provide even more services in order to satisfy their clients. The majority of enterprises don't have enough resources, so hotel managers must carefully choose their products.

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Since 2006, Besteasy Hotel and Restaurant Supply has provided support to the sector of hospitality supplies. Imagine having access to one place for all of your facilities needs. Due to our 16 years of experience in the hotel OS&E sector, we are able to assist hotels and other businesses in developing high-quality solutions. Besteasy is excited to become the hotel’s top choice for guest facilities partners, to conduct business morally, and to consistently collaborate with our clients and stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth. With sustainable, green, and ecological products, we are dedicated to making a beneficial social and environmental effect.

We provide access to the top-notch, specially designed hotel amenities needed to provide your visitors with the finest experience. Get a personalised quotation!

Send us an email describing your needs while filling out the specific form. Our expert staff is here to assist you with your needs. Each quote request is carefully examined in order to guarantee the best pricing and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Absolutely! Our top priority is maintaining your privacy. It is critical for besteasy Hotel Supply to maintain openness regarding the ways we collect information. We keep track of customers’ and businesses’ names, shipping and billing instructions, and pertinent contact details, including email and phone numbers.

This information is used to process orders, get in touch with customers and suppliers, and send emails with updates and promotional materials. Two potentially sensitive bits of information—your name and address—are encoded so that only the secure server can decode them. This information is checked to ensure that it was not altered while being transferred and that it was only sent to this secure site.

We supply four categories of hotel products.

a.) Guest room products

b.) Hotel linen

c.) Tableware

d.) Kitchen

No, there are no limitations on who can order from Hotel Supplies-Online. In fact, a large portion of our customers are not just hotels and restaurants but also non-profit organisations, and even individual homes.

No, is the only place where we sell our goods. Unlike paper catalogues, which may only be updated once a year, we update our website frequently with new products.

One of our specialties is branded or customised products, which might be a wonderful extra for your hotel’s guests. If you’re thinking about getting any, request a price or get in touch with us for additional details. Payment in advance is required for custom orders. Size, colour, imprint, and other specifics should all be considered carefully because custom orders cannot be changed or returned.

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