About Us


About Us

Besteasy is an industry leader in hotel product supply that creates premium guest experiences and inspires a welcoming environment. For the past 16 years, we have been at the top of this business, distributing over 10,000 products all over the world. We have also worked with over 5,000 local independent venues and guesthouses, as well as multi-national and worldwide leisure and spas, to name just a few of our clients in this industry.

Our OS&E procurement procedure is considered finished only after all of your items have been delivered to the location and verified to be in full working condition. Putting this together requires gathering all of the paperwork pertaining to service agreements, safety certificates, and warranties. During the last part of the handover process, our procurement specialists will review and compare bills with purchase orders, confirm payments to suppliers, and give you a final budget summary that shows how your costs have gone down.

Our Mission

We have a mission to provide eco-friendly hotel and spa products, reduce our reliance on single-use plastic, keep CO2 emissions at a safe level for the environment, and provide high-quality hotel products and equipment to provide a quality experience for guests and a top-notch working environment for employees.

Extraordinary Experiences

Besteasy, as a one-of-a-kind and high-quality hotel product supplier, is the ideal partner for providing your visitors with a luxurious experience and a more meaningful stay. Your guests will feel right at home with our whole network at their disposal.

We think that every new day gives a chance to create more important experiences, whether individuals travel for work or pleasure. Besteasy lets your guests slow down, discover a moment of peace, and most importantly, a place of remarkable comfort by assisting you in broadening your premium service with a touch of daily delight.

Our Core Values

Our core values represent what is truly essential to us as a company. They serve as the firm basis and guiding principles of our business culture. They are as follows:

To provide individualized, friendly, and consistently excellent service

We are continually challenging ourselves to update and improve. Innovation, continuous training, and refurbishing all contribute to an environment in which your customers refer to your hotel as their “home away from home.”


To provide each guest with a great and unforgettable experiences

By providing extremely personal, professional, pleasant, and competent service to our clients and listening to their demands, we create memorable and distinctive experiences as well as loyal, recurring visitors by delivering products that suit their needs.


To provide environmentally friendly, long-lasting products

We make sure that hotels have access to sustainable product and service alternatives that fulfill quality and quantity standards. To have a real influence, the entire value chain must become more sustainable.

Your Trusted Hotel Solution Provider

We offer trustworthy, basic, or advanced hospitality solutions to hotel owners and managers, and our technical support team is the best in the market. When you do business with Beateasy, you will receive high-quality service at a wholesale price.

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