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We are a leading provider of high-quality hotel kitchen equipment and industrial kitchen products at competitive prices. Our consistent commitment to sourcing and supplying high-quality hotel equipment has established us as a household name in the hospitality industry. We provide all types of industrial kitchen equipment based on your specifications.

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We offer full-service of Kitchen products, customized for you

We provide fully customized hotel kitchen products that highlight the quality of your brand. To ensure that your chefs, caterers, bakers, and other kitchen staff have the right products for the job, we source our kitchen equipment from premium manufacturers all over the world.

The Kitchen Products

Explore our selection to get a glimpse of some of the high-quality kitchen supplies that we provide. These supplies include bakery utensils, kitchenware and equipment, mixer machines, stainless steel tables, ovens, electric fryers, and many more.

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Bar-coffee Supplies

Make it possible for your guests to get off to a good start in the morning by offering them freshly made coffee together with all of the standard coffee garnishes. We supply everything your guests require in order to give themselves a boost first thing in the morning.

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Bakery Utensils

We guarantee you an effective start-up, durable baking machines, and perfect production by combining our knowledge, a production line equipped with the newest technology and trained human resources, and the finest raw material selections.

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Kitchen Ware

In addition to that, we make it a priority to offer you kitchenware of superior quality at the most competitive pricing available. We also make every effort to provide you with a level of service that is noteworthy, with the goal of encouraging you to return and explore more.

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Plastic & Acrylic Series

Besteasy supplies offers a large assortment of hotel acrylic amenities required for a comfortable stay in your hotel. All products can be personalized to meet your requirement.

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Kitchen Equipment

Besteasy is a dependable source of products for commercial kitchens, despite the fact that we work with a wide variety of various sorts of equipment. Because we always go above and beyond to fulfill your requirements, we have earned the reputation of being the most reliable provider of hotel kitchen equipment.

Kithen Equipment

Snack Equipment

Cooking Equipment

Food Processor Machinery

The Kitchen Projects

Besteasy is the ideal supplier to acquire the entire range of hotel kitchen equipment. We are a large organization that has grown over the years, so we can proudly say that we are a leading supplier of industrial and commercial hotel kitchen equipment. We assist you in identifying critical gaps in your brand experience, uncovering hidden opportunities, and developing and improving the guest experience solution that is best suited to your situation.

Explore our selection of guest amenities and OS&E solutions for various types of hotel resorts and restaurant kitchens.

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About Us

Besteasy is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing demands placed on hospitality operations, including kitchen operations. Through our outstanding in-house customer care service and supply of high-quality, durable kitchen equipment, we form close relationships with our clients and provide them with top-notch service. Our company is a global organization with unparalleled access to people and resources.

We have the people and solutions to help your company meet its goals, whether they are to reduce the cost of an existing design, improve a product, acquire and deliver your entire OS & E on time and on budget, or improve the product itself. You can count on us to help your company achieve its goals.

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How It Works


Besteasy offers full-service OS & E projects, including design consultation, amenity planning, and project management. Our team of knowledgeable experts will provide advice on the best product options after we understand your kitchen requirements (including quality, quantity, material, and design).


We provide the best available kitchen equipment and supplies for customer selection based on the establishment's requirements and other special needs. We collaborate with many well-known kitchen equipment manufacturers from around the world and have assisted customers in finding quality kitchen equipment that fits their budgets.

03 Delivery & Quality Control

Our quality control staff will inspect the product and confirm with the customer prior to delivery. Our warehouse and shipping staff will then deliver the equipment safely to your establishment. Our mission is to provide dependable solutions and safe, on-time delivery services that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.


We provide overall condition analysis assistance and maintenance for completed projects such as electronic devices. We also guarantee prompt, professional, and dependable after-sales service, and we consistently exceed our clients' expectations with high-quality goods and services.

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successful projects


Check out our selection of successful hotel kitchen equipment supplies and then select the products that will work best for your hotel kitchen. We have supplied hundreds of kitchen appliances to various establishments.

Customize Your Kitchen Now

Get in touch with our experienced customer service experts in order to obtain further information about our company’s offerings and to customize the hotel kitchen equipment you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We supply kitchen products like bar coffee supplies, bakery utensils, kitchenware.

We offer completely individualized hotel kitchen products that emphasize the caliber of your company. We source our kitchen equipment from top manufacturers around the world to guarantee that your chefs, caterers, bakers, and other kitchen staff have the proper tools for the job.

  1. ovens(convection ovens, combination ovens, conveyor ovens)
  2. Ranges and ventilation (gas, electricity ranges)
  3. Refrigeration equipment (refrigerator, freezer, ice machine)
  4. Food processor ( Batch bowl processor, Buffalo Choppers)
  5. Small wares (cutting boards, knives, pots, pans, whisks, tongs)
  6. Mixers (hand mixers, counter-top mixers)

Pizza net: The bottom of the dough receives enough air when you use a pizza net to allow the pizza to cook evenly. Additionally, it perfectly dries out all the moisture, making the pizza crispier.

  1.   Cake shovel: A “cake shovel,” also used to cut and serve cakes and pies, is a type of cake and pie server. There are cake and pie servers with pointed edges. It can also be used by chefs to serve pizza.
  2. Whisk: Chefs and bakers use whisks to quickly combine ingredients or to aerate ingredients like heavy cream or egg whites to expand the mixtures.
  3. Scrapper: Your hotel bakers need a dough scraper to slice dough, work with it, and clean surfaces on which it has been worked.
  4. Kitchen scale: To determine the weight of ingredients and other food, a kitchen scale is necessary. The ingredients can be measured more precisely by using a scale as opposed to measuring them by volume.
  5. Baking tray: For baking pastries like bread rolls, cookies, sheet cakes, Swiss rolls, and pizzas, hotel bakeries require baking trays, baking sheets, or baking pans. The oven contains a flat, rectangular metal pan.
  1. Using the Right Cleaning Products

While some machines can be cleaned with just water, others also require soap. Make sure to abide by the manufacturer’s instructions. A new cleaning product shouldn’t be used until you are certain that it can be used with your machine.

      2. Preventive maintenance should be done

During the thorough cleaning sessions, examine your machines and check all the visible components. Take care of any worn, slack, or oiled parts as soon as you notice them. Keeping up with maintenance will also reduce breakdowns. Taking care of the little things will assist in avoiding bigger issues.

      3. Obtain More Spare Parts

 Ordering extra parts for your oven or mixer is a good idea. Having a supply of belts or blades can reduce the amount of downtime your bakery equipment experiences. You can call a repair service and hopefully get same-day results instead of having to wait for the part to arrive.

      4. Observe the manufacturer’s usage guidelines

Make sure you thoroughly read the instruction manual and pay close attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Teach all of your employees how to properly operate the bakery equipment. This is necessary for warranty protection in addition to being crucial for machine maintenance.

      5. Maintain a Routine Cleaning Schedule

The most crucial maintenance advice for bakery equipment is to clean your machines frequently. Failure of equipment is frequently brought on by poor cleaning. In addition to being unhygienic, leaving flour, dough, and baking oils in the machine can result in a buildup that hinders proper operation.

After each shift, make sure the machines are cleaned and put in place a weekly or monthly thorough cleaning schedule.

Our kitchen supplies are affordable and tailored to match your budget.

  1. Quality: Commercial kitchens are constantly busy, with some of them operating nonstop for hours. Finding restaurant supplies that can withstand the demands of daily use might be necessary. Do you want brand-new or repurposed restaurant supplies? Verify the brand and model type for brand-new appliances.

Before making a purchase, you might need to confirm the used restaurant supplies’ age, condition right now, and history of use. The appliances should be made of genuine commercial-grade materials that will offer a prolonged service life, whether they are new or refurbished. Make sure to check the equipment in the commercial kitchen for any structural or operational issues.

          2. Size up the area.

Although it may seem obvious, when you shop for new kitchen appliances, make sure they will fit into the available space. Unfortunately, a lot of buyers make the mistake of ordering new equipment without first measuring their space, which results in it either not fitting or taking up much more space than they anticipated. This includes measuring the doorway to ensure that the new equipment can fit inside the structure.

       3. Maintenance cost

Maintaining your catering equipment in top condition is crucial for your company’s success as well as for ensuring the quality and consistency of your food. As a result, when selecting new kitchen equipment, maintenance costs should always be taken into account.

Waiting until something goes wrong is a false economy because calling an engineer every time you experience a problem will cost much more than performing routine maintenance. Not to mention the consequences of unplanned downtime. Similar to this, you should always think about the dependability of any equipment and whether it will be easy to find replacement parts if it malfunctions.

  1. Coffee machine

This coffee maker is ideal for bars, cafes, and eateries that want to serve their patrons delectable coffee drinks. This machine can make a range of coffee drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes, thanks to its simple user interface.

      2. Automatic coffee machine

Use this automatic coffee maker to brew a storm. This machine is ideal for coffee shops and restaurants with its ability to produce delicious cups of piping hot coffee after delicious cups. You’ll be making drinks that rival a barista in no time thanks to the design’s simplicity. Use this incredible device right now to get your caffeine fix.

       3. Bean grinder

Your coffee-making process will go more quickly with this simple-to-use bean grinder. This bean grinder is ideal for cafes and restaurants serving coffee. It’s a fantastic option for busy coffee shops because it’s robust and simple to use. You can always count on having freshly ground coffee on hand with this grinder because it can handle large quantities of beans.

        4. Milk bubbler

Your coffee experience will be even better with this milk bubbler! This bubbler not only makes it simple to add milk to coffee, but it also adds another layer of flavor. This bubbler is a requirement for every coffee shop because it works well for both cafes and restaurants.

         5. Cream gun

This cream injector is perfect for adding cream to coffee. Because it is made of high-quality stainless steel, it is durable and easy to clean. With just a spoonful of cream, this cream gun will help you quickly and easily make delicious coffee.

         6. Coffee cup

This coffee cup is very practical for coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is made of long-lasting, comfortable acrylic that is of the highest quality. They go well with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Besteasy is always there to provide you with the greatest guidance on any of your utensils. due to its more than 10 years of experience in offering hotel products and services. Besteasy will be your first choice if you want to purchase a high-quality item for a hotel at a competitive price.

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