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Besteasy is an online kitchen equipment supplier, selling a wide range of catering kitchen equipment to hotels and restaurants. Our extensive selection of kitchen equipment will give you the edge to ensure your restaurant or hotel kitchen is efficient, reliable and ready for anything.

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The Kitchen Equipment


You're not just cooking with a stove or a microwave. You're cooking with experience.We offer every piece of cooking equipment you will need from stovetops to food warmers, ovens, pans and cooking spoons. Let's get your business started with professional products from Besteasy.


Our bakery equipment is utilized in hotels and restaurants to quickly season dough and produce fresh baked products. Our products include traditional baking sheets, commercial-grade pizza ovens, muffin tins, baking pans, cake pans and more.


Get a wide range of refrigeration equipment for hotels and restaurants. With our large selection of refrigerators, freezers and coolers you will find the right solution for all your needs. Our fridges come with pre-assembled coils and doors, which makes it quick and easy to get them fully operational. The same goes for our freezer cabinets, which are also quickly assembled with pre-assembled shelves and doors. This makes them a breeze to set up, so that you can meet the demands of your customers immediately.


Our fast-food equipment offers your menu items an outstanding presentation. Our commercial convection ovens are ideal for reheating frozen foods and baking pizzas, pastries and other baked goods more efficiently with faster cooking times and longer shelf lives. These high-efficiency steamers feature temperature controls for optimal results, allowing you to serve hot meals that your guests will love.


Cutting an onion used to take hours. Not anymore. This fast-food processor is engineered for the perfect cut each time and will save you time and tears. The food processor is the perfect appliance for any hotel and restaurant, a food processor will be an excellent addition to your cooking station.

The Gallery of Kitchen Equipment

Want to get inspired before you remodel?  We’re all about the details.

We know that when you’re looking for kitchen equipment, it can be hard to tell what’s really important—but we’ve found a way to help you get there. When you browse our gallery, we will help you find exactly what you need by showing you only the stuff that’s really important. Browse our gallery of kitchen equipment to find the right style for your kitchen.


About Us

We are a kitchen equipment supplier to hotels and restaurants. Our company was founded in 2006, and we have been providing high-quality products for years. We are passionate about what they do, and we are very happy to be in this business. Our mission is to provide high quality kitchenware that makes cooking easier. We ensure our clients get what they need without hassle.

Since its inception, the company has constantly evolved and expanded despite strong market rivalry. Notably, the company has a group of high-quality management personnel and production staffs who have built a tight quality control system and aim to serve consumers with the most pleasing high-quality kitchen equipment. With over 16 years of experience providing high-quality kitchen equipment to hotels and restaurants, meeting the needs of these establishments with very specific tastes and requirements, we have learned that attention to detail, whether it’s timely delivery, ease of ordering, or specific design features, is extremely important.

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Customize Your Kitchen Equipment Now

Our kitchen equipment and supplies are perfect for hotels and restaurants. We have been helping businesses to organize their kitchen with our custom-made products for over a decade. When you need a new cutting board or a peeler for your restaurant, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

i.) Cooking Equipment

ii.) Refrigeration Equipment

iii.) Storage Equipment

iv.) Fast food equipment

v.) Bakery equipment

vi.) Food processor machine

vii.) Snack equipment

viii.) Dishwashing machine

Stainless steel, glass, bone china, microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe plastic cutlery may all be cleaned in the Besteasy Dishwasher. Dishwasher usage is not recommended for utensils made of plastic, wood, aluminium, copper, silver, gold, and bronze.

With only a 60 cm broad space need, the dishwasher fits into any hotel kitchen. Additionally, you may put one on your balcony. Dishwashers can be positioned next to the kitchen counter, underneath it, in the utility room, or on a balcony.

They are refer to the refrigerators and freezers found in hotels, dining establishments, and restaurant kitchens.

When it comes to your health, putting your food in a stainless steel container can ease your mind because stainless steel doesn’t absorb bacteria or leach chemicals. Stainless steel is not porous and does not discolour.

I. Keep the stainless steel goods you own in a place that doesn’t encourage corrosion. Avoid places with high temperatures, humidity, chloride concentrations, and low oxygen levels.

ii.) Avoid scratches: The stainless steel could rust if indentations are formed because they could collect moisture.

iii.) Consistently wash and polish stainless steel: Cleaning your equipment after each use reduces the possibility of buildup from dried or burnt food and creates a smooth surface for polishing. Rust is prevented from forming through polishing, which preserves the chromium oxide.

I.)Stainless steel worktable.

ii.) Stainless steel shelf

iii.) Stainless steel sink

iv.) Stainless steel storage.

v.) Stainless steel hood system.

vi.) Stainless steel trolley

vii.) Stainless steel cart

viii.) Stainless steel bar counter

ix.) Stainless steel floor grating.

We provide several different types of bespoke layouts for hotel bar counter systems. Our units offer convenience, functionality, and speed of use and come in either a single configuration or modular modules. For bar counters, there are a plethora of alternatives.


To guarantee that your bar setup is exactly how you need it, to ensure maximum compatibility and functionality, we will study choices for speed rails, sinks, ice wells, dishwashing areas, cabinets, supports, shelves, drawers, and cabinets, among others. Our custom bar counters are created for your bar area’s optimal functionality and easy functioning.

  1. Ovens
  2. Ranges, Grills, and Ventilation
  3. Microwaves
  4. Refrigerators and freezers;
  5. Food preparation areas
  6. Food preparation tools
  7. Safety equipment
  8. Sinks
  9. Dishwashers
  10. A point-of-sale(POS) system for restaurants.
  11. Kitchen Display System (KDS)

12. Service ware

*Quality:  One of your major purchases is likely to be kitchen equipment. Keep in mind that your bakery’s capacity to operate and turn a profit depends on your kitchen equipment. Choose equipment that is sturdy and of good quality. Do some study before making expensive purchases like mixers, ovens, and knives. To be certain of your investment, evaluate both new and old equipment with a strict eye.



Space: A significant element affecting the size of the ovens, types of equipment, and storage space you have is the area in your kitchen that you intend to operate your bakery in. Make sure to buy equipment that will easily fit into your space and be usable where you need it.


Planning your kitchen: Working in a kitchen that isn’t set up for the type of cooking you perform there is time-consuming, frustrating, and can lower service quality and reduce revenue. Planning a kitchen around baking equipment is difficult. Consider consulting a kitchen planner who can assist you in designing the area in accordance with your menu and service preferences to ensure everything runs properly. They might also offer helpful guidance on choosing only the kitchen appliances that are really necessary for the room.


Cleaning: For your hotel bakery equipment to last a long time, maintenance is essential. Think about how easy it would be to clean, how well it accomplishes its task, and how pleasant the piece of equipment is to use. To ensure the best use of the equipment, teach the personnel how to clean and maintain it daily, weekly, and monthly.


 Supplier(besteasy): The foundation of bakeries, like that of any business, is relationships. Your connection to besteasy supplier is essential. In addition to offering installation, maintenance, and repair services, besteasy supplier will be open and truthful about the technology, engineering, and safety of the products they supply.

Kitchen tools, cutlery, and cookware are frequently made of stainless steel. This is due to the material’s durability, resistance to corrosion, and inability to alter the flavour of food when used in food production or storage. Foods with high acidity won’t harm you because of the resistance level.f the heater contains accessible panels made of glass or similar material, do not use it if the panel is damaged.

*Storage option: You may be able to use stainless steel shelving to maximise the available space in your commercial building. You can accomplish this without having to build a possibly deadly high stack. If you’ve been keeping things and possessions in shelves, boxes, or drawers, you can take some of those things out and keep them on these shelves for quick access.


The things can be readily labelled and organised on the stainless steel shelves. Similar to this, if you have shelving racks erected, all you need to do is carefully arrange boxes on the shelves and label them for quick identification.


It is easy to clean: Shelves made of stainless steel are simple to clean. No of the type of filth that collects on their surface, you may just wipe it off with a moist towel to remove it. They can also be polished so that they shine with beauty. Unlike wooden shelves, there is no upkeep required and no need for repairs.


On stainless steel shelves, there is always something to store. Decide on the style or model that suits you and install it if you want to obtain the best value for your money.

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