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We are a major supplier of premium hotel and spa products, and the styles that we offer run the gamut from traditional to cutting-edge. Your hotel guests will be able to slow down, discover a moment of serenity, and most importantly, a place of remarkable comfort with the help of Beateasyose. We do this by helping you add a little bit of daily indulgence to your luxury service.

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Your Hotel Solution With Our Products

Besteasy offers a comprehensive range of product solutions for use in the hospitality and catering industries. We are enthusiastic about providing you with all that is required for your hotel. Our areas of expertise are positioned to satisfy your requirements both locally and globally, wherever you may be. Besteasy is the perfect business partner to help you give your guests a more meaningful experience while they are staying at your place.

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Guest Room Products

Our guest room supplies ensure ease and comfort. They include quality amenities that will wow your guests, giving them an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Linen

We provide soft and environmentally friendly hotel linens that can be cleaned in a washing machine, including duvets, pillows, bed sheets, and towels.

About The Kitchen

Our selection of hotel kitchen supplies features reliable kitchen supplies and accessories from brands you trust, including bakeware, pots, and pans, as well as complete dinnerware sets.


Raise the bar with our dinnerware accessories that have been gathered from all around the world. We provide a diverse selection of tableware supplies, including china, wooden platters, and basket-ware.

Guest Room Products

A pleasant stay is contingent on a plethora of different necessities being met. Give your guests more than they expect, and make sure the amenities in their rooms are of the highest possible caliber.

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About The Kitchen

Get the appropriate supplies for your restaurant and hotel kitchens. We offer a wide range of kitchen accessories in different styles, brands, and materials to help make tasks in the kitchen easier to handle.


Hotel Linen

Products made of soft and delicate linen are sure to wow your guests. Every single piece of linen that we provide is not only kind to people but also kind to the environment.



Get high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly catering dinnerware supplies for hotel receptions, restaurants, bakeries, and more! Find The Inspiration Of Our Solutions

Look through our collection and completed projects to find inspiration for your next hotel supplies.

Look through our collection and completed projects to find inspiration for your next hotel supplies.

The Projects with The Products

No.ProjectCountryCityHotel StyleRoomService Range
1Ramada PlazaChian  HubeiModern Hotel From the hotel lobby to every room of the supporting supplies, as well as the kitchen, Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, banquet hall one-stop supporting 
2Sheraton HotelManila Philippines 320 RoomsHotel overall VI design and supporting
3LUX resort & villas ChinaGuangxiLuxury Resort56 RoomsFrom the hotel lobby to every room accessories, as well as the kitchen, restaurant one-stop accessories 
4Aurea HotelCambodiaPhnom PenhModern Hotel78 RoomsFrom the hotel lobby to every room accessories, as well as the kitchen, cafeteria one-stop accessories 
5Premier le Reve HotelEgyptCairoAmerican Style Hotel120 RoomsFrom the hotel lobby to every room supplies, as well as kitchen, restaurant, banquet hall, water bar, Spa one-stop facilities
6Hyatt Place USASanta Barbara Modern Hotel80 RoomsHotel room furniture and room accessories
7Pullman HotelUnited Arab EmiratesDubaiModern Hotel220 RoomsEverything from the hotel lobby to every room
8Mayfair HotelIndiaBoubanesval American, British, Luxury Resort13 hotels, 2400 RoomsWe are honored to be the core strategic supplier of Mayfair Group. During our 14 years of cooperation, we have provided supporting products for 13 hotels of Mayfair Group, from the lobbies of hotels, resorts and conference centers to supporting supplies for each room, as well as one-stop supporting services for kitchens, western restaurants and banquet halls 
9Fraser PlaceMalaysia Johor Bahru,Apartment Hotel312 RoomsFrom the hotel lobby to every room accessories, as well as the kitchen, restaurant one-stop accessories 

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About Us

At Besteasy, we are committed to meeting the ever-evolving demands that are placed on businesses in the hospitality industry. We develop close ties with our customers and provide them with first-rate assistance through an outstanding customer service center that we operate in-house. Our company is an international conglomerate that has access to people and resources that no other company can match.

We have the team and the solutions that you can count on to assist your organization in achieving its goals, whether those goals include lowering the cost of an existing design, improving a product, purchasing and delivering your complete OS & E on time and within budget, or improving the product itself. You can rely on us to help your organization achieve its objectives.

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We have been in the hospitality sector for 16 years, so we are familiar with its fundamentals as well as its nuances. You will be able to make the most of our extensive expertise in serving various establishments.

Flexible Contracts

We won't force you to choose default offers if you decide that you don't like the services we provide. We are always capable of devising an individualized solution that caters to your requirements.

One-Stop Service

Whatever your requirements are for hotel supplies, we have a solution for you, from the kitchen to bedroom supplies, including electronic and non-electronic.


We are always putting in place new policies and procedures that help protect our ecosystem and make our business more long-lasting.

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