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Over 16 years ago, Besteasy began offering window coverings to the commercial sector. When it comes to window coverings of any size for your hotel, our goal is to be your go-to partner. In the industry, besteasy is a unique company, actively dedicated to selling and delivering an excellent quality assortment of window curtains.

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Shading curtains

A shade is a soft cloth panel that has a rod or frame attached to it at the top edge. Shades are sold individually and come in a variety of lengths, widths, colours, and materials. Unlike drapes or curtains, which hang below the sill, shades are tailored to fit within the window frame.

Wood woven cotton

It's lovely to update your windows from plain slatted blinds with woven wood curtains to give texture. They are woven from natural grasses, jute, bamboo, rattan, or other materials to create a fabric with rich texture and natural diversity.

Gauze curtain

Our gauze curtains have a delicate, sheer, and lovely drape. At the same time as they offer privacy, they also let light in. You can use them to create bed or ceiling canopies or hang them as ordinary curtains over windows. Gauze curtains offer precisely the airy atmosphere needed for summer getaways or scorching climes.

Rattan Cotton

Rattan is renowned for being robust and long-lasting, but the quality of the synthetic counterpart will depend on the materials used and the store where you purchased it. Cheaper artificial rattan will be weaker than rattan from a high-quality brand. Fabric made entirely of cotton is great for hotel drapery, bedding, pillows, and cushions.

Bamboo Cotton

Many various fabrics manufactured from the bamboo plant are referred to as "bamboo fabric" in this context. Fabric, yarn, or apparel created from bamboo fibres is referred to as bamboo textile. Bamboo fibre can now be used for a variety of textile, business, and fashion purposes thanks to new technologies that have been developed in recent years.

Flannel cotton

Fabric made from loosely woven threads is known as flannel. Although cotton is the most common material used to make flannel sheets, they can also be created from wool, fibre mixes, or synthetic fibres like polyester. Flannel has a slightly fuzzy texture that is created by a process known as "napping."

Window Curtains Product

It might be difficult to find the ideal window curtains for your hotel or restaurant because there are so many alternatives available. Many people—including interior decorators—use the terms “drapes” and “curtains” interchangeably, as well as “shades” and “blinds” as if they were synonyms, which further adds to the confusion. All four window treatment kinds can be used in any room of the house and with a variety of décor styles, but they each have unique qualities of their own.

They are:

I.) Curtains

ii.) Drapes

iii) Shades

iv.) Blinds

Hotel Linen

We supply hotel linens, and among our offerings are bed sheets, fitted sheets, pillows, duvets, comforters, mattress toppers, towel bathrobe slippers, and so on. Custom Business: If you require a specific design, material, size, or colour for your linen, we can make it customized for you. Besteasy has spent years specialising in the suppky of hotel linens like duvets, pillows, and towels. All hotel linen products produced by Besteasy are subject to strict quality requirements and management.


About Us

Since we are actively committed to providing an excellent quality range of Window Curtains, Besteasy stand out as a unique company in the business. Customers from all around the country frequently request the products in our currently offered selection also available from us at a reasonable cost. A lot of projects for homes, hospitality, hotels, and restaurants employ our products. Our items are created from 100% polyester in their raw form. Our products, which have been receiving positive feedback from customers for the past 16 years and meeting these standards, are mostly sold to nations including America, Europe, and a number of others.

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Customize Your Window Curtains Now

According to customers requests and application-specific specifications, we can produce window curtain with a high degree of customization. Customers can choose from a variety of functions, sizes, colours, and designs. We will make every effort to meet your needs and fulfil your requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

i.) Always keep the room in mind: It’s crucial to choose curtains for a hotel room that exude a sense of friendliness and joy. They should also provide adequate space for light to enter via the windows.

*Hotel: Layered curtains may look finest in a hotel with a wide French window. For instance, tri-layered curtains may have an exterior layer composed of a plain, light-colored material, with lace curtains or heavy drapes for the middle and inner layers, respectively. 

*Hotel room: It’s crucial to pick a curtain for the hotel room that promotes a calm and favourable environment for sleeping. Even if you need the room to be sufficiently dark to sleep, you should avoid purchasing curtains in too-dark colours since they might make the space look smaller.

*The hotel Kitchen: Although curtains may help the kitchen seem more cosy, you should also think about using shades as an alternative. This is due to the fact that they are considerably simpler to clean, won’t stain if something is dropped or spilled on them by accident, and won’t absorb culinary odours. They are also not very combustible at the same time. 

ii.) Always be aware of the curtain’s function: Knowing the purpose of the curtains in a space is another crucial consideration to keep in mind when buying them. Purchase a stronger curtain if you want some privacy and light blocking. For this, velvet curtains or drapes with a blackout lining work well. While if filtering out light is not a major requirement, sheer curtains may add some lovely elegance to a space.

Iii.) No lining: We would often advise adding a liner to your curtains. This is due to its numerous advantages, such as safeguarding the room’s furniture, wood flooring, and curtain fabric. Additionally, they give the window treatment more bulk and weight, giving the curtain a fuller, richer appearance. However, the biggest advantage is that it increases curtain energy efficiency, keeping the room cool in the summer and keeping the cold out in the winter.

Iv.) Decide on the Right Color: It’s crucial to pick a curtain that blends in with the hotel room’s general design, especially the hues of the walls, rugs, and other soft furnishings. A common rule of thumb for integrating curtains into the area is that it’s better to select curtains with a neutral tone if there is already another main point in the space, such as vividly coloured walls, busy carpets, or furniture. Statement curtains may, however, add flair to a room that has neutral furnishings and is painted white or cream.

From left to right, gauge the rod’s breadth. The finished width of your curtains should be at least twice as wide as your window, if not more (sheers can be three times as wide as the window), according to a popular guideline for displaying curtains effectively.

The finest materials to use for window coverings are linen, silk, fake silk, and velvet since they have a tendency to hang the best. The most resilient fabric is often faux silk, she claims. Additionally, fake silk doesn’t decay as rapidly as genuine silk in a room with a lot of sunlight.

The term “blackout curtains” sometimes refers to draperies consisting of a densely woven, double-lined fabric. Blackout drapes are made to totally obscure light. Blackout curtains block all light, leaving just the spaces surrounding the windows for light to enter the hotel room.

Start with material when selecting curtains for hotel bedrooms; cotton is the most popular choice. Cotton is breathable, lightweight, and simple to maintain, according to Emery. If you desire convenience, choose a fabric that can be machine washed. But if you want to exude elegance, think about using a richer, thicker fabric.

Simply hitting the floor or remaining still


If you’ll be opening and shutting the curtains frequently (they’ll readily fall back into place every time you move them), go for this timeless, fitted design. The cloth should rest an inch or less from the ground.

More light cannot reach the room because of blackouts. They can aid in reducing streetlight glare and even the headlights of oncoming automobiles during the winter months, enabling a restful and tranquil night’s sleep. Unexpectedly, blackout drapes can also aid in muting outside noise that enters the space.

The best course of action is to hang curtains 8 inches or less over the top of the window frame. That means installing the rod as close to the ceiling as you can for particularly tall windows, which are common in many contemporary homes. In fact, you might wish to install rods made to hang from the ceiling.

Over time, curtains will inevitably gather dust and absorb smells. Every three to six months, you should clean your curtains. To keep your home smelling fresh and clean, you should get your curtains cleaned frequently.

I.) Go through the cleaning guidelines. Be advised that some materials, like cotton or linen, can only be dry cleaned.

ii) Wash by yourself. Always wash curtains alone if they can go in the washing machine.

Iii.) Never tumble dry clothes.

iv.) Wash often.

v.) Steam cleaning.

i.) Determine if it is dirty or merely dusty.

ii.) Before washing your curtains, check the label.

Iii.) Machine-wash your drapes.

iv.) Hand cleaning your curtains

v.) Never dry clean curtains in a dryer.

vi.) Hire a professional to clean your curtains.

Cleaning your curtains every six months not only makes your house healthier, but it also keeps them in excellent shape. If your home’s aesthetic often bores you, switching up your curtains, pillows, and soft furnishings around every six months can allow you to experiment with new ideas.

Cotton, silk, linen, polyester, velvet, acrylic, rayon, brocade, lace, and voile are the most popular materials used to make curtains。

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