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Besteasy is a leader in the bakery industry with a large distribution network. We supply hotel bakery utensils in bulk, depending on your requirements. We put customer satisfaction and product quality at the top of our list when doing business. The most important thing to us is that you get high-quality bakery utensils from us so that your bakers have everything they need to make delicious pastries for your hotel guests. We supply products like mixers, sieves, kitchen scales, measuring cups, rolling pins, and more for hotel bakeries.

We don’t just sell utensils for bakeries; we also sell high-tech, high-quality baking equipment for large hotels and restaurants. As your wholesale partner for all professional bakery utensils, we make sure our products are up to a high standard. We put a lot of thought into putting together our baking supplies. We take into account the seasons and trends when supplying your hotel’s baking utensils.

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"I found Besteasy by accident, and I'm so glad I did! This will be my new one-stop shop for all of my baking utensils. They offer a large range of bakery supplies for my hotel, and they have everything you could ever want."
- Adam Sendler

The Bakery Utenslls

Pizza net

When you use a pizza net, the bottom of the dough gets enough air to let the pizza cook evenly. It also gets rid of all the moisture perfectly, making the pizza crispier.

Cake shovel

A cake and pie server, which is also known as a "cake shovel," is a tool used to cut and serve cakes and pies. Some cake and pie servers have edges that are cut into points. Chefs can also use it to serve pizza.


Chefs and bakers use whisks to quickly mix ingredients together or add air to ingredients like egg whites or heavy cream to make the mixtures bigger.

Baking tray

Hotel bakeries need baking trays, baking sheets, or baking pans for baking pastries such as bread rolls, cookies, sheet cakes, Swiss rolls, and pizzas. The flat, rectangular metal pan is placed in an oven.


In bakeries, measuring tools are needed to figure out how much of an ingredient is needed to make a dish or put it together. Most of the time, measuring is done by weight or volume.


A dough scraper is needed by your hotel bakers to manipulate dough and to clean surfaces on which dough has been worked, as well as to slice it.

Kitchen scale

A kitchen scale is required to measure the weight of ingredients and other food. Using a scale will result in a more accurate measurement of the ingredients than measuring them by volume.


Hotel bakers and chefs need to measure the exact temperature inside the oven, or as close as possible, so that cook times and results are even more accurate.

A Brief Introduction to Bakery Utensils

Bakery utensils are a great way to keep the kitchen clean and organized and to make sure that your bakers can make a large batch of pastries quickly. Some of these utensils could help the baker cut, slice, or mince raw ingredients in a neat way.

If you get the right bakery utensils from Besteasy, you’ll have access to a full range of high-quality tools that are ready to use right away. Our one-stop-shop supplies make it easy to place an order, get them quickly, and pay a fair price. This will give you access to a full range of high-quality products that you can buy right away.

The Gallery of Bakery Utenslls

Explore a wide range of baking utensils and supplies at Besteasy. Our baking utensils are available in different sizes and can be manually or automatically operated. Contact our customer service to get a free quote today.


About Us

Besteasy is fully committed to meeting the ever-changing standards that businesses in the hotel industry have to meet. By making sure that our in-house customer service is top-notch, we can build strong relationships with our clients and give them access to the best possible help. We are a big company that supplies bakery utensils. We have more people and a larger inventory available to us than anyone else.

As your wholesale partner for all professional bakery utensils, we make sure that our products meet high standards. Besteasy focuses on quality and innovation. Taking into account the current trends in the industry, we carefully put together our collection of bakery supplies to give your hotel bakers everything they need to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

For a wide range of commercial sectors, such as bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels, we have vast expertise offering tailored solutions. For whatever size project, Besteasy and our hand-picked professional partners can provide a dedicated, custom solution.

I.) Measurement spoons and cups (both liquid and dry): If you want to measure all of your components precisely, you’ll need both dry and wet measuring cups, so don’t believe you can get by with just one type. Because you’ll need them frequently, keep these tools in a location that is simple to access.

ii.) Whisk: A wire whisk can be used for numerous things besides just whipping up some eggs. It’s particularly one of the greatest methods for fully combining dry materials. It works well for whisking a handmade custard as well.

Iii.) Scraper: We’re ready to wager you grab for your rubber spatula more often than you think. This tool is great for getting the rest of the batter or dough out of a pan or for getting jam out of every crevice in the jar. They can be very handy for combining wet and dry components.

iv.) Rolling pin: While rolling out puff pastry, cookie dough, and pie crusts is undoubtedly the best use for rolling pins in the kitchen, there are other applications as well. If you need to crush cookies, chips, or crackers for a recipe but don’t have a food processor, you may simply place them in a sealable bag and use your rolling pin to crush them.

v.) Kitchen scale: One more fantastic baking necessity is a kitchen scale. When a recipe specifies pounds or ounces rather than cups, this scale will come in handy! even more so while creating macarons.

vi.) Thermometers: Not all ovens are made the same! Even the most dependable ovens can burn you and your culinary aspirations by unexpectedly heating to a temperature that was not chosen. It is crucial to make sure that your oven’s thermostat is functioning properly because the right baking temperature is essential for successful baking.

Yes, they are top rack dishwasher safe.

i) Always store cookie cutters together. Group cutters with similar shapes together if you have a large collection, including circles, squares, letters, animals, and more. Keep cutters for particular holidays together. Put different groupings into their own containers, such as plastic containers or resealable bags, or you could even connect them with a piece of twine and keep them together in a bin.

ii) Set aside a cabinet or drawer for baking. Keep rolling pins, any brushes, ice cream scoops (for cookie dough), spatulas, wooden spoons, and whisks used expressly for baking in addition to measuring cups, measuring spoons, small offset spatulas, small fine-mesh strainers, and measuring spoons for dry and liquid ingredients.

iii.) In addition to being layered and sandwiched between two sheet pans, silicone mats can also be rolled up loosely and fastened with a rubber band.

iv.) As much baking equipment as you can, including mixing bowls, sheet pans with accompanying cooling racks, similar-shaped cake pans, tart pans, and muffin pans, should be nested, stacked, and kept in a cabinet. To make the most of vertical space, use vertical dividers or wire racks.

v.) Standing mixers ought to be stored in a cupboard unless you frequently use them or have a lot of counter space.

I.) Follow a Regular Cleaning Schedule.

ii.) Use the Right Cleaning Products (Besteasy cleaning product).

iii.) Carry out preventive maintenance.

iv.) Buy Extra Spare Parts.

v.) Obey manufacturer usage guidelines.

Why should you pick us as your top choice for restaurant/hotel baking utensil supplier may be a question on your mind.

The foundation of what we do is delivery and provision. We provide high-quality bakery equipment in a timely and competent manner. We guarantee the calibre of our goods and there are no annoyances. You can concentrate on running your hotel or restaurant with the help of our top-notch tools and supplies.

If you plan to operate a bread-only bakery or a pastry store, you must first decide on the concept before choosing the bakery equipment. Additionally, you must consider whether you plan to bake goods for use in other restaurants, gorcery, catering services, hotels, and other establishments.


Now that you’ve given these things some thought, you know how to get some expert assistance. Finding a reputable provider of bakery equipment with years of experience in the industry will not only direct you toward the best equipment for your needs but also assist you in properly installing it. BESTEASY providers may support you in realising your bakery goals based on your concept and bakery requirements. When it comes to purchasing commercial baking equipment, no one size fits all. So, think about your bakery needs first before getting in touch with our qualified team.

i.) Quality

ii.) Space consideration.

Iii.) Pricing.

iv.) Ease in using the equipment.

v.) Choosing the right supplier (Besteasy)

Frosting or piping nozzles are among the tools we must have while decorating our cakes. A typical home-baked cake gains an incomparable appeal thanks to these frosting nozzles, which are cake decorating tools. The cake icing nozzle’s design aids in decorating and adding designs to iced cakes.

I.)  Make certain that all tools are clean before and after use.

II.) Keep all of your tools in a cool, dry location.

III.) Use and handle the delicate tools with care.

IV.) Use the baking equipment correctly.

V.) Discard or dispose of the damaged tools.

A serving tool used for cutting and serving pies and cakes is a cake shovel. Serrated edges can be found on several cake and pie servers. Pizza service is another another application.

Pizzy net: Pizza nets are one of the insignificant but crucial elements in the facility puzzle of a professional pizzeria. Would you like to serve a pizza with a bottom that is incredibly crispy and crunchy to favourably surprise your customers? We have now put pizza nets to our store because of this.

The mesh’s holes provide sufficient air for the bottom of the dough, enabling the pizza to bake uniformly. It also precisely evaporates the moisture, giving the cake an unheard-of crunch, thanks to the unique holes produced in the dough. The dough does not harden since it is used to stop it from drying out or burning.

Pizzy tray: Likewise called a pizza pan. Pizza is baked on a pizza tray. Typically, it is an aluminium disc with a diameter of about 18″ (450 mm) and numerous tiny holes to allow moisture to escape for a crisp crust. Steel wire mesh is occasionally utilised.

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