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What kind of material do our Personal Care Amenities use for their bottles?

Our product packaging consists primarily of PET and PETG, which is a 100% recyclable material.

How do we print for Personal Care Amenities?

We use soy ink UV printing to make your logo look more clear and beautiful texture and it is environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

What is the MOQ of our custom logo?

The MOQ requirements are not the same for each product. For example, Personal Care Amenities is usually 5000PCS, Room Leather Stationery is usually 30PCS. you can always consult our solution consultant.

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In addition to custom products, what other brands do we have at Personal Care Amenities?

We also have Australian brand White Glo France Rosslyn UK RoomPlus Italy BASINUB and other brands.

What is the shelf life of Personal Care Amenities?

Commercial Personal Care Amenities usually have a shelf life of 18 months.

How do we provide after-sales service for guest room Kitchen Appliances?

When an appliance breaks down you can share pictures and video messages so that our team can provide you with 1v1 service support.

How do we complete our kitchen engineering services?

Besteasy turn-key kitchen projects including design consultancy, facility planning and project scheduling. Our design team uses the latest software for accurate and coordinated kitchen drawings, both floor plans and 3D drawings. Our works will be fielded and implemented on time and safely throughout the project under strict supervision and quality procedures. We always meet and even exceed our clients' expectations.

Why do we produce products with sustainable environmental concepts?

In the present day the focus on the environment has become an important criterion for consumers to choose a hotel. Zero-waste travel and sustainable hotels are receiving increasing attention from travelers, and hotels must position themselves around experientially pleasing products while offering concepts.

What certifications do our products have?

Our appliances: CE CCC CB ROHS
Our Personal Care Amenities: GMPC MSDS Report
Our other products: ISO9001 SGS certification

How do we provide solutions?

When you visit us and share your hotel /dining room/kitchen style design drawings and product list we will configure different levels of product solutions based on design style and requirements. We will also recommend unique and innovative design products for your property or corporate market that will differentiate your property and company from the competition and create sustainable value-add.

What other national markets do we provide guest amenities solutions for?

Actually, We have experience helping hotel brands like The Westin Hilton Ramada Kempinski Mayfair go from 0-1 in sourcing.

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