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Your ability to ensure that your guests are comfortable will have a direct bearing on how likely they are to book another stay at your hotel. Guests staying in hotels frequently experience boredom and must find ways to keep themselves engaged, such as by watching movies or television or playing games. In addition to these sorts of electrical devices, you also need appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens, and more. Your staff also need certain electrical appliances to help them work efficiently.

Besteasy is a leading provider of cutting-edge electronics of the highest quality, sourced from a wide range of well-known brands, and is an excellent choice if you are looking to update the electronics in your hotel or restaurant. We can make purchases for your hotel in the full confidence that you will receive excellent value for the money spent.

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Aside from being the fastest at boiling water, electric kettles are also extremely efficient and guaranteed to offer rapid results, assuring a pleasant experience for your guests. We supply electric kettles for hotels from a variety of brands, offering you a large selection of models to pick from.

Allow your clients to feel at home by offering them a simple-to-use hairdryer that precisely meets your hotel’s demands while providing them with quick access to one of their favorite home appliances.

Choosing the right telephone system for your hotel may be one of the most important decisions you make. A good phone system may help you provide a first-rate customer experience for your visitors, provide additional valuable services, and save on your operating expenses.

Hotel security has become an important factor to consider when selecting a place to stay. Individuals want to know that their valuables will be protected when they leave their hotel, whether they are there for work or pleasure. Including in-room safes in guest rooms can boost your hotel’s customer satisfaction.

The mini bar’s function is to provide the fundamental necessities of hotel guests. By offering fascinating mini bar alternatives, hotels may profit from the extra money generated by the mini bar. You can choose from a broad range of hotel minibar alternatives, including power source, material, and function.

Health scales assist your fitness-minded guests in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and tracking weight. These scales can be robust and simple to use, and come in beautiful and portable styles. The LCD options with a backlight allow your visitors to easily view the weighing results in any lighting circumstance.

One of the most essential aspects of a hotel’s customer experience and brand reputation is its coffee. We provide you with a selection of wholesale automated hotel coffee machines in various types and styles, suitable for any setting.

Guests spend the majority of their time in their hotel rooms. As a result, they should be allowed to choose their own music. Offering music to guests in their rooms, restaurant, bar, check-out, leisure area, gym, etc. is great.

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Besteasy supplies a large selection of premium-quality hotel guest room electronic equipment at a wholesale price. Simplify and accelerate your hotel business with the latest in electronic equipment and appliances. For guest room electronics, choose what makes the stay more convenient, and your hospitality more cost-effective and quality-driven.

Hotel Linen

Besteasy has a professional team for hotel linen product design, development, and management with rich experience. We specialize in hotel bedding, hotel duvets, hotel pillows, hotel towels, and more. At Besteasy, we have strong quality standards and quality control of all the hotel linen products we supply to your hotel.


Besteasy supplies a range of tableware for a casual or fine-dining hotel restaurant. With our range of tableware sets, you can choose your preferred design or material. Each piece of tableware is made with style, durability, and usefulness in mind. This means that you can use long-lasting ceramic plates, bowls, and cups to decorate your dining areas.


Besteasy is a renowned supplier of a prominent range of hotel kitchen equipment. The products we supply are designed and manufactured with the utmost precision and are in compliance with the industry standards. These products find their wide application in big canteens, hotels, and restaurants.


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Besteasy is committed to meeting the ever-evolving requirements that are placed on businesses operating in the hotel industry. We cultivate close ties with our customers and provide them with first-rate assistance by maintaining an extraordinary in-house customer care service. We are a large business that buys things. We have access to more people and resources than anyone else.

When it comes to making bulk purchases of electronics and appliances, savvy company owners in the hospitality sector are aware that Besteasy is the best option available to them. Because of our years of experience working in the hospitality business, you can be certain that we will meet all of the requirements set by your establishment. Our business plan is to put the needs of our customers first, and we put in a lot of work to make sure that the electrical appliances we sell are a good value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Telephone: Analogue phones are still frequently anticipated in hotel room setups, despite the fact that such antiquated technology may distract from the appearance of a freshly renovated bedroom.


Considering how nearly everyone now carries a cell phone, their main purpose may very well be to call down to reception. The very act of making this low-cost technology accessible, however, makes visitors feel secure and connected.


Hair dryers: Although it is common knowledge that electrical equipment is not permitted in bathrooms for safety and legal reasons, we nevertheless get a surprising number of requests for bathroom hairdryers. Although it would undoubtedly be handy, this is against the law.


The Valera Hotello Hairdryer is a unique exception since it is mounted and hardwired onto the bathroom wall, keeping it away from water. This enables your visitors to perfectly dry their hair in the bathroom mirror.


Regular hairdryers differ from their hotel-grade relatives in how they operate the switch. Hotel hairdryers must be used with a button held down; normal hairdryers can be kept on continuously. This reduces the chance of the guest’s hairdryer blasting hot air into their beds, for example, while they are gone to dinner.


Electric kettles: When included in a welcome tray set, hotel kettles look their finest. Those with built-in kettle bases will offer defence against the free-loaders! A 1 litre size kettle is best for bigger, multiple-occupancy rooms, but a 0.5 litre kettle can help you save money on electricity.


Coffee machines: Coffee makers will provide speed and convenience for bedroom beverages as a more upscale substitute for the kettle. Visitors adore the concept of a personal, self-serve coffee station, and the Dualit Café Plus Coffee Pod Machine enables them to make a variety of beverages, including tea. Only a few Dualit or Nespresso® capsules are required!


Electric Irons: We advise only using dry irons in hotel rooms due to safety concerns. Many hotels have one or two steam irons on hand at reception if visitors do prefer using one. We advise ironing centres if security is a concern for the simple reason that it is hard to detach the iron from its companion ironing board!


Safe box: A safe must at the very least have the space to accommodate a compact laptop, according to the hotel industry. It’s a typical concern that visitors won’t be able to open the safe, but don’t worry — digital and physical override keys may be issued to your institution just in case.

To ensure guest safety, all hotel kettles must include Strix controls on the base. These controls cause an immediate switch-off anytime the kettle is raised. To ensure safety compliance, most hotel-grade kettles come with the standard 70 centimetre power connection; the only drawback is that they periodically need to be replaced by an electrician who connects them into a fused spur. Semi-regular maintenance is a small annoyance, but safety comes first.

Yes we do! The phrase “portable appliance testing” (PAT) refers to the process of looking at electrical appliances to make sure it is safe to use. The majority of electrical safety flaws are detectable by visual inspection, while some types of flaws can only be discovered through testing. Because some forms of electrical safety defects cannot be found by testing alone, it is crucial to realise that visual examination is a crucial step in the process before use in the hotel room. Besteasy assures that all electric appliance will be tested and confirmed it is safe for use.

Besteasy can always offer and give you the most competent advice on any of your appliance. Thanks to its more than ten years of experience in hotel products and supplies. Besteasy will be your top choice if you want to get a high-quality item or appliance for a hotel at affordable factory costs.

New equipment need to be delivered in a secure state and not need to go through a formal portable appliance inspection or test. To make sure the item is undamaged, a quick visual inspection is advised.

Regular periodic maintenance is the best strategy to maintain electrical appliances. This is crucial because it improves appliance performance, increases working life, and promotes energy efficiency. Your utility bills will go down as a result of an electrical appliance that is well-maintained.

Hotel guests maintaining their electrical appliances properly protects them accidents and also prevents other damages to the hotel room.

The refrigerator may be a possible explanation. In order to maintain a fresh scent and lengthen the refrigerator’s lifespan, regular maintenance is necessary. Avoid using an electrical device to defrost during this procedure, which entails defrosting the refrigerator. Following the ice’s dissolution, wipe down the freezer using a cloth or sponge to absorb the defrosted water. Make sure that during cleaning, water does not leak into the channel, drain hole, or temperature selector.

1.) Avoid plugging in appliances next to sinks or bathtubs.


2. Always disconnect personal care items like hair dryers, electric shavers, and shaving equipment when kids are in the bathroom.


3.) Immediately disconnect an appliance if it ends up in a sink or bathtub. Never attempt to remove a plugged-in electronic from water. If a gadget is plugged in and turned off, power is still flowing through it.


4.) When not in use, unplug small appliances and devices. In the event of a power spike, this will prevent gadgets from turning on or short-circuiting.


5.) High-wattage appliances like an air conditioner, a portable electric heater, or an iron should never be used with an extension cable.

To determine the coffee maker that best suits your needs, it’s also important to consider the location of hotel breakfast machines. You can determine what kind of equipment to buy based on the space you have available. It is usually preferable to use a modest, business-appropriate coffee maker for smaller rooms.

Avoid using portable heaters next to baths, showers, swimming pools, or any other potentially damp environment. Also If the heater contains accessible panels made of glass or similar material, do not use it if the panel is damaged.

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