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Congratulations to our esteemed client, HanHao Hotel, on the grand opening of their brand-new establishment! Over the past two weeks, we've dedicated ourselves to meticulously designing all OS&E products for the hotel, aiming to provide an unparalleled experience for its guests.

From custom-designed tableware to luxurious bedding and elegant interior decor, each item represents our unwavering commitment to excellence. We understand that unique details shape the guest experience, so every choice has been thoughtfully made to ensure that HanHao Hotel stands out as a truly memorable destination.

This collaboration is a culmination of our tireless efforts and a testament to our commitment to outstanding service. We are honored to be partners with HanHao Hotel and look forward to contributing even more to the hotel's success in our ongoing collaboration.

Our design expertise and timely, efficient delivery are key pillars of our service. The swift completion of this project reflects our dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. If you have any questions or additional needs regarding our designs and services, please feel free to contact us.

Once again, congratulations to HanHao Hotel on this momentous occasion. We wish you continued prosperity and success, and we are excited about the opportunities our partnership will bring.



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Over the past two decades, there have been some very significant developments in the hotel sector. Due to these adjustments, many hotels are feeling pressured to provide even more services in order to satisfy their clients. The majority of enterprises don’t have enough resources, so hotel managers must carefully choose their products.

So, how do you determine which hotel amenities will provide the best return on investment for your hotel?

Start at the beginning and think about your hotel’s whole brand, your budget, and the types of people you want to attract.

These are the top amenities that are needed in your hotel.

  • Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • In-room dining
  • Guest reception, open 24/7
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Multiple Wall Outlets
  • Hair styling equipment
  • Convenient Checkout
  • Pool
  • Mini-fridge
  • Free electronic device chargers
  • Clothe Iron
  • Business facilities
  • Information on transportation
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Cleaning services
  • Wellness & spa facilities
  • Gym equipment and facilities
  • Newspaper stand
  • Entertainment
  • Luggage storage
  • Cribs and cots for kids
  • Special Offers
  • Curated experience
  • Elegant bathrobes
  • Kid-friendly Rooms and Products
  • Superior Bedding
  • Wipes to Remove Stains
  • Rooms that allow pets
  • Champagne Bar

The Must-Have Hotel Amenities for All Visitors

The facilities that are considered essential to have in a hotel are those that are advantageous to all visitors. These consist of:

Strategic parking

When choosing a hotel, guests may find on-site parking to be a deal-breaker. Free parking may be a big selling point, especially in places where there is little access to public transit.

Free Wi-Fi

The public wants free Wi-Fi. Most hotel guests anticipate some degree of internet access, and many business travelers really depend on it to make their stay successful. Make sure guests know how to connect or where to go for the password.

Complimentary travel-size toiletries

All hotel tiers include travel-sized products, including body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Due to airport carry-on limitations, many guests really use these amenities. Therefore, providing high-quality goods in your rooms may have a significant impact. Offer premium brands, all-natural goods, or uncommon things like facemasks or eye makeup removers to earn bonus points.

Multiple wall outlets

Making sure that each visitor can keep all of their gadgets charged to their heart’s content is essential. Therefore, having access to working electrical outlets is non-negotiable. In some more recent arrangements, visitors can even connect their USB cables directly to the wall.

Tools for styling hair

We’re ready to wager that the majority of hotels where your guests have stayed have offered hairdryers in the rooms. Having extra tools like curling and flat irons at the front desk will make them very happy and let them pack less.


A huge bonus is giving guests a place to store their leftovers. Simple food and drinks can also be made available for purchase. If you provide a complimentary water bottle (or two), all the better!

Gym equipment & facilities

Many tourists want to make sure they can continue their exercise routine while they are away from home. Some accommodations even provide sports footwear, apparel, and accessories for rent or purchase.

Hotel Amenities That You Should Have for Business Travelers


24-Hour Guest Services

Your visitors will be able to rest easier knowing they can get in touch with you whenever they need basic services like supplying a replacement key, writing materials, etc.

Healthy breakfast

Business travelers want a meal that will provide them with energy for the rest of the day. Make sure that early risers have healthy options as well as hearty dishes like potatoes and egg scrambles with lots of butter.

Free electronic device chargers

Similar to wall plugs, offering additional chargers to guests at the front desk might be a thoughtful touch. Business travelers will be very happy that they won’t have to buy a new one if they lose it or hurry to appointments with only 25% battery life.

Clothe iron

An iron might not seem like the most exciting gift, but making sure a guest can go to a very important meeting without wrinkles is worth a lot.

Business resources

Both traditional business travelers and millennial side hustlers are always seeking a quiet space to concentrate on their most recent project, make a crucial contact, or simply send a few emails. Giving them a designated area in which to do their business will enable them to cross off some major tasks from their lists and reduce their stress.

Information and services for transportation

It might make a great difference to visitors if your budget allows for transportation options like an airport shuttle, rentable bikes, or transit between your accommodations and downtown. If not, providing guests with easy access to a virtual (or real) concierge will help them feel at home.

Cleaning services

Give visitors the chance to change their clothes in the middle of their trip. You could also offer services like folding guests’ clothes and putting them back in their rooms.

Newspaper stand

A morning newspaper is an easy and necessary courtesy you can provide your hotel visitors. If you can afford it, offer your visitors a variety of subscriptions to several periodicals.

Wipes to remove stains

Not to focus on looks, but keeping stain remover wipes or sticks behind the front desk for visitors in need is another way to please business travelers. They can attempt to fix their favorite work shirt without having to wait until they get home. You could even put free wipes in the guest rooms so that people can keep their professional appearances throughout the day.

Hotel Amenities For Families

These are the most popular facilities that you can’t afford to overlook if your hotel caters to families:


The entire family will have a ton of fun at the hotel pool. Additionally, it encourages customers to stay longer and perhaps even pay more at your hotel.

Complimentary breakfast

Families will probably be happy to receive a free meal even though they also value a nutritious one. These guests will be really grateful for the option to begin their day without having to spend a significant portion of their budget, since family trips may run up a rather high tab.


For guests, several hotels provide on-demand television content. Guests may rent movies that may even still be showing in cinemas thanks to these on-demand options. Books, board games, and even video games are starting to be included in some hotels’ lists of entertainment facilities.

Cots and cribs

When the entire family travels with you, things might become a little crowded. By making cribs and pull-out cots available upon request, you can guarantee that you can host visitors of all ages and families of all sizes.

Children’s-friendly spaces and products

To make everyone’s stay more pleasurable, several hotels have begun incorporating kid-friendly ideas into their bathrooms and room furnishings. Families can avoid making one-time purchases that they will have to return at the end of their stay if you provide soft or even baby-friendly toiletries.

Pet-friendly rooms

Pets are frequently seen as members of the family, so giving them to a friend’s care can be stressful. By allowing customers to bring their furry kids along on their family vacation, you may reduce a lot of the stress associated with travel by providing pet-friendly rooms and hotel common spaces.

Hotel Amenities for Couples

Consider including these essential facilities in hotels that cater to honeymooners or couples seeking romantic getaways:

In-room dining

Even a romantic evening at home needs food. Provide top-notch dining alternatives so that your visitors may make the most of their accommodations.


Any weekend vacation might benefit from a little extra enchantment from a fancy spa. Even promotions for couples looking to book massages together can be made available at check-in.

Free luggage storage

A brief visit sometimes necessitates cramming a lot of things into a brief 48 hours. The ability to leave bags at reception when arriving early would be appreciated by those who want to go out for brunch right away.

Elegant bathrobes

Who doesn’t adore a plush, elegant bathrobe? Give each guest a robe so they may fully enjoy their romantic weekend. If residents find it difficult to leave with theirs, you may even let them buy them when they check out.

Luxurious Hotel Amenities

For establishments with high hotel star ratings, the following features are essential:

Curated experiences

Boutique and lifestyle hotels are all about curation. You can wow your guests by giving them fun lessons and events, like cooking workshops or trips.

Superior bedding

A particularly restful night’s sleep might make guests speak and reflect on their stay at your hotel for weeks. Offering luxurious, really comfy beds is a certain way to get there.

Special offers

Every visitor will value special offers, such as a complimentary drink at the hotel bar or a voucher for a nearby restaurant, together with their check-in details. Going above and above to match a guest’s offers with their true likes and interests can definitely wow them. After acquiring some fundamental information via a quick social media search, some hotels even provide visitors with customized presents upon arrival.

Champagne bar

Champagne in plenty will create an opulent and glamorous ambiance at your hotel. During breakfast or busy lobby hours, set out a cart of fine champagne to offer some extra opulence to your guests’ stay.

In a Nutshell

This doesn’t always include making significant investments or purchases; occasionally, it really is the simple things that matter and may make a major difference in your hotel. Your guests will be motivated to come back if you shift your attention to creating the best experience for them.

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