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Congratulations to our esteemed client, HanHao Hotel, on the grand opening of their brand-new establishment! Over the past two weeks, we've dedicated ourselves to meticulously designing all OS&E products for the hotel, aiming to provide an unparalleled experience for its guests.

From custom-designed tableware to luxurious bedding and elegant interior decor, each item represents our unwavering commitment to excellence. We understand that unique details shape the guest experience, so every choice has been thoughtfully made to ensure that HanHao Hotel stands out as a truly memorable destination.

This collaboration is a culmination of our tireless efforts and a testament to our commitment to outstanding service. We are honored to be partners with HanHao Hotel and look forward to contributing even more to the hotel's success in our ongoing collaboration.

Our design expertise and timely, efficient delivery are key pillars of our service. The swift completion of this project reflects our dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. If you have any questions or additional needs regarding our designs and services, please feel free to contact us.

Once again, congratulations to HanHao Hotel on this momentous occasion. We wish you continued prosperity and success, and we are excited about the opportunities our partnership will bring.



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These days, customers want experiences that are both unique and practical. They want to be pleasantly surprised by hotel amenities that they will really make use of while they are there. For example, a hotel can form a partnership with a shoe manufacturer to provide guests who want to maintain their regular fitness routine while away from home with access to running shoes and other exercise equipment. A soap manufacturer could also partner with a hotel to place their products in the hotel bathroom so that hotel guests can use and experience their products.

Therefore, if you are skilled in the production of luxurious lotions or natural shampoos, the hospitality business may be interested in doing business with you. This crucial part of the hospitality industry is always looking for new products to stock their shelves to better serve their guests.

The most important advantage of making your personal care products available in hotels is the increased exposure that your brand and products will receive as a result of this distribution strategy. Also, hotel guests who are presented with new products for the first time in a hotel are more likely to go out and buy your personal care products for use in their own homes after having that experience.

If marketing your personal care products to the hospitality industry has never truly crossed your mind, the following tips may help you attract the attention of those who make purchasing decisions in the hotel industry.

Find a reliable distributor

If you are able to track down a distributor that is of good quality and offers fair conditions, working with them may be your best option for selling your personal care products to hotels in your region as well as in other parts of the country.

Find a distributor who is already dealing with hotel brands and has expertise in selling the kinds of products that you sell. You may even go out to international distribution firms that deal directly with hotels all around the world and offer them the best quality products that you have to offer through these organizations.

Participate in trade fairs

It is imperative that those in charge of making decisions in the hospitality industry be current on the most recent updates regarding personal care products and other hotel services. They plan to attend a variety of trade exhibitions all around the country in order to be abreast of the most recent trends and developments.

Although the price of vendor space at many events might be rather high, it could be well worth your time to make the necessary arrangements to get a position. Find out who is in charge of organizing these trade shows and the dates of the trade shows so that you can plan your budget appropriately. Some trade shows offer a decent discount for early registration. Take the time to find out who is in charge of organizing these shows and the dates of the trade shows.

Bring some samples

If you reside in a location that has a lot of hotels or bed and breakfasts, you should bring some samples of your goods and drop them off there. If you don’t have a distributor, your chances of succeeding in bigger hotel chains are low. But if you go to smaller boutique hotels, you might have more luck because these places are always looking for new ways to make their customers’ stays more enjoyable.

When you can’t meet someone in person, the next best thing is to put on your best phone voice and start making cold calls. Create a script to follow during the first few calls you make to ensure you don’t forget what you want to say and can feel confident delivering your presentation. You should be willing to send some examples to the person who is in charge of choosing the amenities for their guest rooms.

Follow up on industry news

There are a lot of news magazines geared specifically toward the hospitality sector, and many of these publications may provide you with useful information on the key players in the field. This could make it easier for you to reach the people you need to sell your products.

You can also conduct research on internet directories to find locations where you can register the name of your company and your products. When looking for new products and providers, hotel personnel frequently consult reputable directories as a go-to resource. There are several directories that allow for free registration and market themselves in magazines that are exclusive to the hotel business.

As part of getting ready for your presentation to the hospitality industry, you should make sure you have enough sample sizes of your personal care products.

Positioning Your Personal Care Products in Hotel Rooms

During their vacations, hotel guests make use of a wide variety of personal care products. Many of these products are purchased at the location where they are used because the travelers either run out of their own supplies, forget to bring them on their trip, or discover a new need.

Not only do guests, and more specifically female guests, invest in sun protection while visiting countries with greater sunshine, but they also invest in after-sun care products for their skin and hair. This is especially important when visiting countries with more sunshine. Personal care items in guest rooms are an example of a really improved service because they allow the hotel to meet the needs of each individual guest.

Promoting your personal care products through in-hotel communication channels

You can use the in-hotel communication channels in addition to the facilities that hotel services provide for hotel guests. Partnering with hotel businesses to use the hotel’s in-hotel channels for targeted marketing campaigns that talk about the things you sell and the benefits they offer is a great way to reach your key clients.

It all starts with strategically placing appropriate and well-thought-out signage in highly visible locations so that it can readily grab the attention of guests. The use of digital signage in the form of displays installed in public areas can prove to be particularly useful since these screens enable you to rapidly communicate the message you want in a style that is both contemporary and visually engaging. Using good visuals is a surefire way to get people’s attention, and this is especially true when we’re talking about personal hygiene.

Create product directories, journals, or catalogues that can be placed next to beds and will highlight your goods and the benefits they offer in a more “lifestyle” way. These materials can be useful since they can be placed next to beds. Because hotel guests typically want to read something when they wake up or just before going to bed, this type of marketing could easily become the channel that informs your guests about the products that you strategically placed in the room.

Lastly, the custom messages that are sent through your Wi-Fi network, the digital or static signage in the hotel elevators, and, of course, the TVs in the rooms, which can show even more personalized messages, can all be used as dynamic communication channels.

Special in-hotel efforts geared towards men’s and children’s care

When it comes to services related to beauty and health, it is standard practice to focus on the female audience and to ignore male visitors, despite the fact that the former appear to have major potential, particularly if they are handled in a creative and direct manner. The same thing applies to children, who need extra protection from the sun, particularly in places where the sun is very intense. However, before you undertake any important activities, you need to first investigate the needs of each audience and choose the products that are the most suitable.

The wellness part of the male audience is concerned not just with day spas and hair salons, but also with in-room services that may accommodate a man’s evolving requirements. If you provide them with promotional material that is specifically geared at guys and uses tailored messaging as well as visual content that is pertinent to their demographic, they will feel more at ease utilizing your personal care products.

When it comes to children, you need to pay attention to sun protection, which is something that parents are already quite knowledgeable about and extremely worried about. By working together with trained professionals at all times, you can guarantee that you give solutions that are both straightforward and intelligent and that they meet the requirements of the children in the most effective manner possible.

Here’s a tip

Develop a special amenity for the room that will be labeled “For Men Only.” You may include a travel-size hair styling product, beard care oil, face cream, and aftershave product in this kit, in addition to a catalog marketing your personal care products for men. You can also include a face cream and an aftershave product. It is more probable that some of the things that men will discover in these packages will be included there since they will have more time during their vacations to focus on taking care of themselves.


When discussing the approaches and tactics that may be used to expand your personal care brand into hotel amenities, you should always keep in mind the importance of finding ways to satisfy the genuine needs of hotel guests. Hoteliers should prioritize meeting the present demands of their guests in terms of personal care and well-being, but they should also look for methods to boost their customers’ needs and desires for more services that would further improve their experience.

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