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Congratulations to our esteemed client, HanHao Hotel, on the grand opening of their brand-new establishment! Over the past two weeks, we've dedicated ourselves to meticulously designing all OS&E products for the hotel, aiming to provide an unparalleled experience for its guests.

From custom-designed tableware to luxurious bedding and elegant interior decor, each item represents our unwavering commitment to excellence. We understand that unique details shape the guest experience, so every choice has been thoughtfully made to ensure that HanHao Hotel stands out as a truly memorable destination.

This collaboration is a culmination of our tireless efforts and a testament to our commitment to outstanding service. We are honored to be partners with HanHao Hotel and look forward to contributing even more to the hotel's success in our ongoing collaboration.

Our design expertise and timely, efficient delivery are key pillars of our service. The swift completion of this project reflects our dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. If you have any questions or additional needs regarding our designs and services, please feel free to contact us.

Once again, congratulations to HanHao Hotel on this momentous occasion. We wish you continued prosperity and success, and we are excited about the opportunities our partnership will bring.



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A luxury location to relax, go for anniversaries, or celebrate occasions, such as a hotel room, banquet hall, or spa, can contribute significantly to the overall success and enjoyment of a trip. This is common knowledge among experienced travelers. The Premier le Reve Hotel has earned a reputation as one of Cairo, Egypt’s most notable American-style hotels. The hotel manager called our customer service representative to find out more about our services for hotels. After determining that Besteasy was a good fit for their facility, they placed an order for supplies across 120 rooms and other facilities. They included supplies for the guest rooms, lobby, kitchen, restaurant, banquet hall, water bar, and spa.

The Challenge

Although Premier le Reve Hotel possessed a number of hotel facilities that could accommodate prominent visitors, it lacked the fundamental hotel supplies required to service a wide range of clients. For example, some of the rooms didn’t have the basic amenities needed for a good stay, like soft cotton towels, good bed linens, bathroom amenities, safe boxes, and more.

Also, the chefs couldn’t cook as well as they could have because they didn’t have enough pots, pans, cooking tools, food processors, and other things that a big hotel kitchen might need. For a good meal, the hotel restaurant needed the right tableware and accessories, such as porcelain dishes, stainless steel cutlery, tablecloths, etc. The banquet hall, the water bar, and the spa didn’t have the facilities they needed to handle the large number of guests.

The Result

By partnering with Besteasy, Premier le Reve Hotel was able to have access to high-quality products for use in its hotel rooms, kitchens, lobbies, water bar, spa, conference hall, and restaurants. The Premier Le Reve Hotel required access to a vast array of premium items made by well-known luxury manufacturers. This allowed them to select the most suitable products for their company. Besteasy has a wide range of products from top companies all over the world so that we can better meet our customers’ needs.

How we did it

The pleasure of our customers is our company’s top priority. We acknowledge that our customers anticipate a certain degree of flexibility from the hotel supplies we offer, and we take full responsibility for ensuring their pleasure. Hence, we gave them the flexibility to choose products based on their needs while we suggested what could be the best solution for them.

We are able to meet nearly all of our clients’ needs since we have a unique secondary process and we coordinate across all of our sites. We made sure that each of the 120 rooms, as well as the lobby, kitchen, restaurant, event hall, spa, and water bar, had the right supplies. This gave Premier le Reve Hotel an upscale look and made sure that guests had a good time.

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